All of us have played a very famous game Snake Xenzia in our childhood since the era of the keypad mobile phones. Who does not want to have nostalgia by playing a game similar to that but with more advanced features and highly appealing game graphics? Worms Zone Mod Apk is the game you must play to recall the beautiful memories of your childhood and enjoy all the trending features in this game, in which a hungry worm roams around to have food and tackle other worms in an endless arena.

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Features of Worms Zone

This game has unique features. The developers developed the game so that its interface is appealing due to the fantastic graphics. And a very basic game concept. A simple blue background on which your worm is free to move and has a huge amount of food spread everywhere. The diversity of the food elements is too surprising, as there is a complete range and a wide variety of food to eat which will not let you get bored.

As this is an online game, other worms are also moving around, which you have to kill and have all the food they have eaten. The more food you consume, the more you grow both in terms of width and length, making the game more exciting and a bit easier, as there are maximum chances that other nearby small worms will collide their head in your body, they will certainly die. Though it starts getting trickier, too, you need to be careful.


The gameplay is very basic and has very easy controls. A joystick is placed in the mid left side of your screen with which you can move your worm in any direction, specifically in the direction where maximum food is. You need to have firm control over the joystick in order to stay safe from other nearby worms. On the top left corner of the screen, the total number of worms in the game are shown and the score is written right in front of the ones who are leading in the game. So try eating all the food and kill the maximum number of worms in order to have the meal they had while playing at one place.

worms zone mod apk unlimited health

You must be wondering how other worms can be killed. As your worm grows larger, move it around in the game, so the head of another worm collides with your body, so they lose the game, and you can have all of their food in a single place. You must do the same to survive, keep your head away from other snakes, and avoid colliding with them. To have unlimited health in the game, download the Worms Zone Mod Apk.

worms zone mod apk no death


There are four types of powerups in the game:

  • Speed increase of worm
  • Magnetic pull to pull all the food toward you
  • 5x to have an increased effect of eating food to grow faster
  • Radar to show the dead worms nearby
worms zone mod apk unlimited money

Features of Worms Zone Mod Apk

The latest mod version of the game is filled with amazing features which are a must to experience. Reaching the pro level is not a big deal anymore as you will be rewarded with the most premium features that will help you to keep the snake in its best health and can opt for all the power-ups as well. This splendid version is just a single click away.

Unlimited Health and Unlimited Money

Now you can play the game with unlimited health and be a big snake in the game to kill the nearby worms easily and have all of their food. You will also have unlimited money and unlimited coins so you can now buy snakes of your choice, upgrade their powers, and can buy power-ups too without any hustle.

worms zone mod apk

Maximum Level

So in this no death new mod apk version you can easily attain the maximum level in the game. You can download it free for your android and ios devices, and on your Jio phone, you can also play it on PC.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


The worm can grow fastly by utilizing the 5x powerup and have a lot of food, especially the leftovers of the dead worms.

No, you will not lose if you collide your own head with your own body, though be safe from the nearby worms and avoid colliding with them.

Potions speed up the worm to move quickly and safely tackle the other worms in the arena.

 Yes, there are maximum chances that bots move around you to give you a tough time and help you to understand the game quickly and have more grip.


This game is a complete package to recall your childhood memories, but this time with advanced features and a wide variety of food for your worms with exciting powerups. The live scoreboard urges you to survive in the game with all the potential and be safe from the other nearby warms and try to kill most of them to come up on the top of the scoreboard. So download this fantastic game right now and share with us your maximum scores in the comment section below.

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