Are you a shooting game lover and always ready to play on the battlefield to test your reflexes? To fulfil your desires, you must be playing Frag Pro Shooter for years, but surely you are missing out on so much about this game. Have you experienced the game playing with all the characters, and have you upgraded the characters to their fullest? Probably not, but no need to worry; download the Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk and encounter all the game’s features. You will certainly be winning all the battles from now.

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Features of Frag Pro Shooter

Frag Shooter Pro is an animated fighting and shooting game. An exciting battlefield is provided for each match. This game is a pure test of your reflexes and how promptly you react in an emergency situation. This game enhances your judgment, to figure out about the weakness of the opponent in the battlefield. Playing this game is a complete fun experience and under that fun experience and entertainment you learn a lot about attacks, amos, shooting and fighting.

The best trait of this game is being a shooting game, it does not portray violence, so it is also recommended for the children to play. There is no blood shed, no death scenes and certainly it is not a sensitive game which is targeted for certain people, it can be played by anyone. As there are already 20 million players of the game around the globe. This huge number is surely because of some value addition and being the game not specific for some certain sect.


The game has impressive vivid 3D graphics, which are so appealing, and the bright colours play a vital role in grasping the player’s interest and attention. The game’s visuals are pretty exciting and addictive, bringing more fun. The game can be played in both first-person and third-person views, and you can choose anyone at your convenience. The most beneficial aspect of the game is you can switch between 5 different characters, each having their specialty. So, the winning chances increase. 1-on-1 and dual matches can be played with players from all around the globe.

frag pro shooter mod apk all abilities unlocked

As mentioned, you can switch between your characters; not only this, but once you die in the game, you can switch to some other character and continue playing in the game. Your character is entirely under your control, and you can upgrade them and purchase appealing skins for them to look unique and different from all others. A personalized team can also be built with traits like defense, attack, block, dough, etc.

Always keep an eye on the daily missions and prefer to complete them first. These daily missions will leave you with amazing rewards. There are several characters available in the game, and if you have not played using all of them, you need to download Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk to explore the game to its fullest.

frag pro shooter mod apk all characters unlocked

Features of Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk

As previously discussed, switching between the characters is a premium feature of this game and you will have access to all the characters in the mod version of frag pro. In addition, now purchasing resources from the shop is not an issue. As you download this game, you will be rewarded with unlimited resources.

frag pro shooter mod apk unlimited money

Unlimited Money and Free Shopping

This mod version allows you to win the game easily and stand out from others, as in this anti-ban version, you can do unlimited free shopping from the store. Resultantly you can upgrade your characters to the maximum capacities. Not only this, but you will also have unlimited money and unlimited gems, which will increase once spent every time. So the purchase of skins is not an issue anymore.

All Characters Unlocked

Imagine shooting on the battlefield with all characters unlocked, each with a unique value proposition. Choosing your favorite character with unlimited ammo and abilities will leave you standing out of the box playing with your friends. Also, you will have no crash feature in this mod game which will lead you to the max level, as there are no chances of losing anymore. In this no-ad version, you will also have unlimited joker cards and unlimited trophies. These will allow you to add bonus cards and upgrade your characters to their maximum capacities. 

frag pro shooter mod apk

 You can download it free for your android and iOS devices, and on your jio phone, you can also play it on PC.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


There are a total of 70 characters in the game, each having  unique abilities.

Implants can be purchased using diamonds from the store or can be gained by completing frag force operations.

You can examine your rivals quickly in the game by playing in the co-op mode with your friends and forming a synergy.

The game can be kept in continuity by switching between the characters. Once you die in the game, you have 5 players to switch between to keep playing.


For all the fighting game and shooting game lovers, this game is the one-stop solution, and all of your desires can be fulfilled as the game is equipped with unique features and gameplay. The engaging graphics make the game so addictive that you can play it for hours. Playing using 70 different characters, each with a different skill set and 100-plus weapons is a diverse gaming experience. So download Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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