If you are an adventure game lover and are into solving mysteries, then we have created a fantastic game with such an interesting storyline. Many of you might have played Swordigo previously but probably not be the champ in it. Now you can easily conquer the game with unlimited health, so download the Swordigo Mod Apk and enjoy the amazing features and the simple gameplay. You will also be amazed by the beautiful landscapes you must pass along using the sword fighting all the obstacles on your way and keep progressing to the next levels.

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Features of Swordigo

The game is beautifully designed and has highly appealing 3D graphics. Each element in the game has vibrant colours. The creatures and all the obstacles on the way are visible and can easily be led down. Even the work on brightness and dullness of each element is done so in detail that each landscape gives a different experience and is a must to experience.

The sword movement and the killing of creatures are visible and give a pleasing gaming experience. Also, there is no lag in the game, and such a smooth gaming experience is a plus point of this game. The dusty huts, the woods, villages, and caves, every location has its charm and is loaded with colourful bright elements for a fantastic gaming experience just as in NOVA Legacy.

The hero, the main character in the game, is enthusiastic to tackle each challenge on its way and makes sounds while attacking the obstacles using the sword. Even when the sword collides with obstacles, the breaking sound of each obstacle and the evil creature is appealing. Suspense music is played all across the game, which triggers the urge to be the best in the game, overcome all the challenging aspects, and pass through each level by sustaining the character’s health.


This game has a very basic and easy-to-command gameplay with very simple controls. On the bottom left corner of the screen, there are two buttons to move the character forward and backward . On the bottom right of the screen are buttons for a high jump, sword attack and fireball button. In the top middle of the screen, the character’s health is shown in the form of hearts. Once the health decreases, half of the heart becomes empty. You can use the sword and the fireball to kill the obstacles and creatures on the way on the way as done in Archero.

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Following are the swords ranging form the least abilities to the best ones:

  • Brass Sword
  • Iron Sword
  • The Needle
  • Broad Sword
  • The Thorn
  • Magic Sword
  • The Mageblade 

You can download the Swordigo Mod Apk to have unlimited soul shards, and certainly, you will have all the swords unlocked too.

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Following are the amazing locations in the game which are a must to experience:

  • Great Caves
  • Everynight Forest
  • World’s End Keep
  • Everynight Forest secret location
  • Wastelands
  • Chambers of The Flame
  • Frozen Temple
  • Lair of Death

Character Spells

Character spells are the attacks learned by the hero in the game. Following are the four spells and their specifications:

  • Magic Bolt: the most helpful spell to attack enemies on the long range. This is used against strong enemies and can result in great damage. 
  • Magic Bomb: This extremely powerful explosive device can cause great damage. Beware and keep a specific distance to keep the hero safe.
  • Dragon’s Grasp: using this spell, the hero can have long arms and finish all the obstacles and enemy creatures in the range. 
  • Dimension Rift: This spell allows you to locate all the dimensions and is a must to kill the fourth boss named Dwarven King.
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Features of Swordigo Mod Apk

This mega mod apk version is filled with unlimited unique features. Playing in such an amazing mod version is an overwhelming experience. So this is a must to try and be the best in the Swordigo. You can download it free for your android and ios devices, and on your Jio phone, you can also play it on PC.

Unlimited Money

You will have unlimited coins and unlimited money to keep everything up to date. Unlimited health will never let you lose the game, and you will have no effect on any attack by the enemy creatures or other obstacles on your way.

Unlimited Soul Shards

This version also provides you with a coin doubler, so whatever the number of coins you earn, they will become double. By having everything unlimited and unlimited diamonds, you can access all the great swords in the game. The unlimited soul shards will allow you to make several purchases. 

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Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


The name of the main character in the game is Hero.

The Master of Chaos is the final boss in the game.

The best sword in the game is The Mageblade which is obtained by defeating the progressive bosses.

You can find the magic sword in Purple Moor graveyard.


Swordigo is a game you must experience. The attractive 3D graphics, the top-notch sound quality and simple gameplay. What else do you need? Play in all the locations using all the fantastic character spells and must experience the unlimited features in the mod version of the game to be the pro in the game. So download this game and let us know about your gaming experience in the comment section below. 

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