We have all spent our childhood watching movies about heroes and guardians safeguarding the world from evil and catastrophes. We all are guilty of always daydreaming about being a superhero ourselves. Although it is not possible in real life, nothing is impossible in the realm of games. What about being a superhero with a rope who possesses limitless superpowers? Sounds Interesting, Right?

In Rope Hero Vice Town Mod Apk, you will be a hero who will save this world from evil but using a rope. With this game, you will have all its dynamic features unlocked to experience the gameplay to the maximum. It will give you access to all the weapons and unique rope powers that a hero needs to conquer. Download our mod right away for your chance to take on the role of a hero and be prepared to battle the outnumbered enemies.

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Features Of Rope Hero: Vice Town

Rope Hero Vice Town is an outstanding role-playing action game with gameplay similar to GTA. The gameplay of this new open-world game is made more interesting and thrilling than all the other games out there. Unlike the other games, it has a Third-person perspective gameplay in which players will see their protagonist in front of them. This allows the players to take more precise and accurate actions. It has been built with fantastic 3D graphics and a natural-sounding audio system to set this game apart from others.

This game was released on the 14th Of July, 2016. It has received more than 100 Million Downloads which tells how much gamers appreciate this game. Players will be able to indulge in a series of missions and interesting tasks. The players will select from a wide assortment of weapons, accessories, abilities, and vehicles in the shop as it is in Real Gangster Crime.

They all can be unlocked gradually by using money. But there is a way to have all that at once. Rope Hero Mod Apk will unlock all of the exclusive features of this in one go. You will have All Weapons Unlocked so that you feel free to pick up any weapon to blow away your enemy. 

If you are a fan of such open-world games, we have another interesting gameplay to experience. It is Dude Theft Wars. You will engage in various entertaining and adventure-filled activities in this ragdoll physics-based game. It is a gaming platform with a variety of additional built-in mini-games that you can play to pass the time in the best way possible.

rope hero vice town mod apk unlimited energy


The gameplay of this game is very simple and engaging. You will be the main character in the game who will indulge in epic missions in the city of vice town. You either can save the city from dangerous criminals and gangsters or can become one of them. The choice is going to be yours. You can also customize your character in different costumes, masks, hats, and other accessories.     

The controls are quite basic and can be mastered very easily. The bottom right corner of the screen has a circular cursor pad used to move around your character. The bottom left side of the screen shows touch buttons for many operations and moves like kicking, fighting, running, and much more. Players can select from a huge collection of weaponry in the arsenal to blow off their enemy. There are pistols, rifles, balloon guns, melee weapons, and super weapons.

rope hero vice town mod apk unlimited gems

The rope can be used to perform various moves. Players can use it to fly around the city, hanging from one building to the other. It can be used to attack enemies by setting your target at them. You can unlock many new powers and mega moves as you progress in the game.


This game has a collection of interesting vehicles to spice up your in-game adventures. Move around the city in your amazing set of vehicles. There are epic tanks, bikes, helicopters, planes, and beach cars so that you explore the city like a hero. The most interesting vehicle is the mech. Mechs are robots that can transform into cars and are armed with lethal weapons. These transforming robots will help you to take down your foes in a blink. Players can also have skateboards to ride around the city.


You will have the free space to customize your character according to your preference. In the store, there is a large selection of costumes, each with a particular set of specifications, such as fitness, running speed, swimming speed, etc. you can also have a robot suit to have iron powers. To further enhance the persona of your avatar, you can add various accessories like hats, boots, glasses, and whatnot.

rope hero vice town mod apk unlimited money

Features Of Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APK

Crime and lawlessness have predominated the peace of the vice town, but our rope man will set out on the adventure of saving this town. He will need many new powers and upgraded weapons to advance through the game’s challenges. With Rope Hero Vice Town Mod Apk Game, you can have all of the interesting features of this game at your access without spending money.

Unlimited Money and Gems

It will provide you with Unlimited Money that you can use to unlock various costumes and accessories for your character. The amusing fact is that you will not run out of money even if you buy everything in the store. This mod also has a feature of Unlimited Gems, which comes in handy to unlock the vehicles and weapons for your battles.

Unlimited Energy

Additionally, it provides Unlimited Energy, which makes you invincible against your opponent regardless of how often they assault you. Also, you can make long jumps, run for long intervals and flight for an indefinite period without draining the energy of your character. This will benefit you a lot as you will never fail in any mission and can enjoy a seamless gameplay performing various stunts.

rope hero vice town mod apk

Free Shopping

The most highlighted feature of Rope Hero Vice Town Mod Apk is the Free Shopping. You will be able to unlock and purchase anything from the shop to make your rope hero more capable. Buying powerful weapons, armor and upgrading them to their maximum to achieve optimum performance is not a big deal in this version. This premium feature is now just a single tap away.

No ads

With the Latest Version of this mod, there will be No Ads to bother you during your gameplay. This feature will enable you to experience an uninterrupted gameplay. This will help you to increase your focus on the missions in the game and enjoy playing this premium version without any limitations.

The most highlighted feature of Rope Hero Vice Town Mod Apk is the free shopping. You will be able to unlock and purchase anything from the shop to make your rope hero more capable. With the latest version of this mod, there will be no ads to bother you during your gameplay.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


When the player shoots at a target using a Balloon Gun, it hangs the target in the air with a hot air Balloon.

The character’s outfits have a parachute function incorporated so it can pull off greater tricks now.

No, this game does not offer Online Multiplayer Mode, but it is much more fun to explore the city alone at your own pace.

A feature of gliding is added in the costume of the character that can be used for flying.


Many thrilling adventures are waiting for you to discover in this game. This game is packed with many intensifying adventures that will never let you get bored. Even the graphics and 3D display are so captivating and eye-catching that you will never get over this game. Unlock various weapons and armed vehicles to make your character more powerful. Use this incredible power to blow off your army in a moment. So, download Vice Hero Mod Apk right now and dive into a world of thrilling adventures.

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