Another day, another zombie epidemic is plaguing the Earth and is causing havoc everywhere. They are spreading like wildfire all across the planet. But, this time, you will not be the one to strive for survival. Rather, this time you will join their gang and help them create a mighty army of Brain-thirsty zombies. We are aware that it sounds bizarre. 

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk has made this wild imagination possible with its unique and unusual gameplay and storyline. This game will provide you with all the tools and abilities required to go past all the obstacles and turn every trace of the human being into a zombie. In this game, each zombie skill will be upgraded to its maximum, so you won’t have to suffer through the pain of collecting coins and then unlocking them So, what are you waiting for? Download it right now to join the unstoppable brain-eating zombie horde and destroy everything that comes your way.  

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Features Of Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is a very unique and distinctive endless runner game just like Sonic Dash and Temple Run that has introduced unusual gameplay to the arcade gaming genre. Unlike the other platformer games where you have to just mindlessly run dodging the obstacles, in this game, you will be controlling a wave of zombies through various tactics. It has very simple screen touch-controls, which makes it more captivating. This game will offer you a terrific adrenaline boost while you will lead each member of the zombie crew and make them run as far as possible.

This game was released on the 10th of September 2013. It has gained over 100 million downloads which speak for its unparalleled popularity. This game continues to be everyone’s favourite platformer game, with its fascinating graphics and intricate details added to the gameplay. It has single-touch controls that give you free space to make your own moves by combining various strategies. For instance, you can do the long jump if you keep holding your finger down and much more as you do with a super sneaker in Subway Surfers.

If you are a fan of such unique arcade games, we have another interesting option for you. Dan The Man Mod Apk is an addictive arcade game with gameplay similar to Mario but with much more detail and depth.


Zombie Tsunami‘s gameplay is simple to grasp and follows a very clear pattern. You play as a zombie in this game, and your goal is to infect every person you come across and transform them into a zombie just like you. The game begins with a single zombie that rushes to bite people. As he consumes their brains, those people become zombies and part of your zombie horde. The more people you eat, the more zombies will add to your wave. Keep increasing your zombie tsunami to go as far as possible.

zombie tsunami mod apk unlimited gems

You will encounter various obstacles as you rampage through the cities and towns, which you must avoid to keep your zombie crew safe. Your aim is to last as long as possible. Try not to take  chances of losing anybody from your crew because if you lose all of the zombies from your squad, the game will be over.

There will be obstacles that will require a specific number of zombies to overcome it. For example, to go past a car, you will need to have at least 4 zombies in your wave.   You will also get power-ups on your way that will give your zombies incredible transformation abilities. You can turn into ninjas, flying dragons, a team of quarterbacks, and whatnot. You can also upgrade these abilities using coins. But with Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk, you can have all unlocked without spending a single coin.

zombie tsunami mod apk unlimited coins


This game has 300 interesting missions to make its players hooked up for hours. As you advance in these missions, they get increasingly more difficult. Your progress will be saved as an essence in a jar once a mission is finished. More than that, this game offers 11 different locations for your zombie crew to explore and destroy. Each location has different and unique challenges to test the players’ skills.

zombie tsunami mod apk all unlocked


There are many different power-ups in the store that you can buy and upgrade with time. These power-ups offer your zombie horde special skills you can take advantage of. When you upgrade a power-up, its effect multiplies to give your zombie army more strength. On your rampage, you can also bring a zombie pet along with you. This pet will enable you to capture more victims and grow your army.

Features Of Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk – Unlimited Gems

No one has the patience to collect coins slowly to unlock their favourite power-ups and characters. If you want to play this game to its full potential, then only Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk can make that possible for you. All the in-game resources will be at your hand right after downloading it and you do not have to wait long or invest real life time and effort to progress in the game.

Unlimited Coins and Gems

With this mod version, you can get your hands on Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Gems with which you can buy new zombie characters, upgrade them timely, have infinite power ups and move on to the subsequent missions.  This feature evolves the gameplay and you will experience the wow factor in the game just by a single tap on the download button.

zombie tsunami mod apk

Unlocked Everything

If you are tired of trying hard and it becomes difficult for you to progress to the higher end levels of the game and you want a solution to it. This is usually due to lack of in-game resources. Whether it be the power ups of new upgraded characters now you can have all this available and will have unlocked everything to enjoy a seamless gameplay without having pauses at a certain mission. 

Unlock All Birds

Having more allies in your army is beneficial on every move in the game. Birds are a great assistance for you to evaluate the risk and forecast tricky situations. These birds do help you out to avoid being trapped or be a victim to any obstacle. We are glad that our mod version will provide you with all birds  unlocked for easy win. 

So, Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk right away to have All Unlocked already and get out of the worry of spending your money on things that you can have for free.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


Yes, players can play this game online with their friends and can also eat them to win.

Players will have to first unlock the zombie bird from the shop and then they can select it before starting the level.

Players will need at least 12 zombies in their wave to eat the occupants of a tank.

Players can use power-ups or can take a long jump to glide their zombie wave above the bombs.


These days Zombie-oriented games have become very popular. They all give you a gameplay of either killing them or finding ways to survive and battle them. But Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk gives you a very surprising and unfamiliar gameplay in which you will not be the zombie-killing hero. Instead, you will be the zombies yourself. This game will offer you to be the havoc wrecker. So, download it right away, as many zombie adventures are waiting for you to dive in.

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