Do you want to play a game in which you acquire the power of a creator? Do you wish to be in a virtual game universe where you are the sole supreme being with the power to create and destroy civilizations? A game in which you decide the planet’s fate and its inhabitants. Even though a game like that might seem implausible, we have one for you. Worldbox Mod Apk is a state-of-the-art simulation game in which you can build a world and civilizations in whatever way you like. 

This game will serve as a blank slate for you to showcase all of your greatest fantasies and creative side. This diverse simulation game will provide you with all the powers, elements, and capabilities that you need to bring a land of life into existence. You will have the power to create life and then watch its evolution.

App Information

App NameWorldbox-Sandbox God Sim
DeveloperMaxim Karpenko
Size175 MB
Last UpdateYesterday
Compatible withAndroid 5.0 and higher
Get it onPlay store logo

Features Of Worldbox

Worldbox is a Sandbox game that will give you the freedom of endless creativity. It is a multiverse platform on which you can create or destroy things in a blink of an eye. It is a game in which you can create a virtual world, fill it with different kinds of life, decide the rules for your world, and control the world like a supreme being. A world where you plan everything and determine what will happen and what is not.

It has many different kinds of creatures who are capable of creating civilizations. You will be given countless divine and creator-like powers that you can use to either create a civilization or destroy other civilizations. Add a variety of flora and fauna to your land and watch them grow.

Creativity & Diversity

Your creativity can know no bounds in this amazing game of creation and destruction. It is a game in which you decide what will happen and what will be the fate of anything. Every fundamental creature, animal, flora, and undead creature has different nature and reacts differently with each other. Therefore, the outcome of life depends on how you create the world and place everything in it. This gives the game its unique diversity and depth because nothing in it is pre-planned. The story of every player will create a different story and a different world. Everything is up to them!


To set itself apart from other simulation games that have 3D graphics and realistic visuals, this game has retained the old-school graphics. Worldbox features its gameplay in classic 2D pixel graphics. This makes the worldbox a versatile and unique game. Despite the old graphics, Worldbox has spectacular and distinctive gameplay. These 2D pixel graphics are the cherry on top for all those who wish to play unique games with old-school effects.

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Worldbox has a very detailed and fascinating gameplay. The game starts with you creating land on the earth. You can decide the size of the land, number of islands it will have, amount of water around your land, and even the depth of the water. You can even choose the type of soil on your land. The soil can be fertile or non-fertile. You will also have the authority to design the appearance of your landmass. Add various mountains, rocks, trees, jungles, deserts, rivers, and more. Choose the climate of your land. You can even adjust the parameters of the climate to create a land of your liking. After this will be the step to add life on your land.   

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This game has a huge selection of flora and fauna. Select the type of animals and plants that are going to make habitats on your land. Add various fishes and other life forms in the water. Add the fundamental creatures to your land. You will have the option of dwarves, elves, orcs, and humans. They will create civilizations according to their own course. Each civilization interacts differently with each other. Therefore, the interactions can lead to countless different possibilities. There can be peaceful cohabitation, or there can be aggressive wars between civilizations. It all depends on how you set the rules of your world.


There are four fundamental mythological creatures in this game. If you are an ardent fan of Lord Of The Rings, you would know how these four races interact with each other and live. Using these creatures, you can create the Middle-Earth of your dreams. These four creatures are;

  • Elves: They are humanoid supernatural beings who have unmatched wisdom and the power to see the unseen. They are skillful in archery and create beautiful structures. 
  • Dwarves: They are also supernatural beings who like to live in mountains and dwellings. They have the skills to mine ores and collect gold. Dwarves do not get along well with the elf race. 
  • Orcs: Orcs are non-human monsters who love to fight and shed blood. They are aggressive and corrupt. They are evil and do not get along well with any race.  
  • Humans: They are the most advanced and developed primates. Humans will wipe out habitats of animals and plants to construct their houses. They will make roads, buildings, and weapons. 

All races have many different traits. The Worldbox Premium Mod Apk will unlock all the traits of your races. You can create rules for them to follow.

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The races will quickly build their civilizations to prosper and be successful. They will grow, establish colonies and states, and declare war on the other civilizations. They can also develop friendly relations with other nations depending on how you customize the nature of your game. They can even trade and do shipping with geographically close lands. If you download worldbox mod apk, you will get all the premium features that will help you establish domestic policies.

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You will have the power to bring disasters to civilizations. You can wipe out life from land by creating natural disasters. You can also dissolve a civilization with acid rain. You can also drop man-made disasters on opponent civilizations. Launch earthquakes, monsters, zombies, bombs, and meteors, and see how the creatures strive to survive. The entities who will fail to overcome the dangers will be extinct forever. The Worldbox Latest Mod Apk will unlock all the powers, man-made disasters, and God-made disasters in a go.

Features Of Worldbox Mod Apk – Premium

Players can create a one-of-a-kind universe in the game Worldbox by using the Premium version of the game. They will get the feature of Free Shopping so that they get their hands on all the powers and items from the shop. The mod version will also give you the benefit of All Unlocked. Making your dreamland will be more enjoyable if all the features are unlocked from the beginning.

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In the latest version, you will get access to a huge variety of unique flora and fauna. You can download this game’s safest and most promising mod version from Apkaspect instead of An1. It is an unlocked premium version that is secure and free to download.

Installation Guide

You can download and install the game on your phone by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Tap on the download button. 
  2. When the download is finished, install the app.
  3. Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing.
  4.  When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy.


Players can launch lava, bombs, meteorites, worms, tornados, and much more.

Yes, brushes are available in different stroke sizes to help you become more creative.

You can download the Latest Apk of this game from Apkaspect.

Worldbox does not feature the online multiplayer mode.


Worldbox is a game in which you can create unreasonable things. Create a world that is purely under your control. Not just a kingdom or an empire, but an entire virtual universe will be under your control. A virtual world where everything is in your hand. Worldbox is a combination of the sandbox and indie genres, and it will give you the experience of an ultimate game. Worldbox Mod Apk will serve all of your needs in the game. So, download it right now and have fun.

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