In Total Conquest Mod Apk, you can become the warlord of the Romans. This game is a must-play with a complex plot, a developing storyline, excellent graphics, and challenging battles. It will give you all the epic armies and warriors you need to protect the peace of your land. Download this epic strategy game right now, and be prepared to fight off the enemies with your capable troops.

We are all fascinated by tales of mythological realms and ancient apocalypses. But what about playing such a game that has mythical worlds and an immense storyline? Yes, a game with a fictional world. Are you ready to command legendary armies and establish an empire up from the bottom? The Roman Empire is without its caesar, and now in order to defend their territory, you must harness the strength of the gods of antiquity.

App Information

App NameTotal Conquest
DeveloperGameloft SE
Size8.9 MB
Last UpdateToday
Compatible withAndroid 4.1 and higher
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Features Of Total Conquest

Total Conquest is a strategy game with an immense storyline and gameplay. It will take you on the challenge of building a mighty and powerful state with the best defensive system. Unlike other strategy games that have very monotonous gameplay, this epic war game will put you against new challenges every day. It features appealing and enthralling 3D graphics that will keep you engaged for hours. The user interface has undergone a great deal of meticulous work from the developers to make Total Conquest the most impressive strategy game in town.

This game was released on the 19th Of September, 2013. It has gotten more than 10 million downloads and is getting more every day. Every aspect of the game, from the graphics to the sound effects, is designed to increase players’ appeal. Build a variety of defence towers, army bases, traps, walls, and gates to govern and defend your kingdom. Continue to improve your defences to make them more robust against invasions from the enemy. This game has a Third Person perspective gameplay that makes it very easy to manage your city and control your armies. 

If you are a fan of such action-strategy games, we have another amazing game for you to experience. The Castle Crush Mod Apk is a splendid strategy game in which you will have to protect your castle from enemies. The colourful animated graphics and humorous sound effects enhance the experience of this fictional-world game. If you want to know more about this game, download it now from our site to have all the premium and amazing features at your hand.

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In this game, the main focus is on creating the mightiest empire while defending and fortifying it from outside attacks. You will be given a piece of land where you are supposed to build fortresses and walls so that no opponent dares to attack your province. You will have to touch on the buildings to move them to a more strategic position. The way to a successful kingdom is a flourishing economy. Build farms and villas to gain more wealth. Because as the number of villas increases, the taxpayers increase as well, and as a result, your treasury will grow more.

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There are 10 different types of units of soldiers that you can hire and train to make them your allies. Each unit has different skills and powers. The soldiers will need food to grow and strengthen themselves. Therefore, build more food storage houses to stock enough food for your soldiers. You will also need to attack the other kingdoms to take them under you. Attack them when they are not expecting it and catch them off guard. This will provide you with the treasures of other lands as well. Another important step is upgrading your defence systems and army units to increase their power and strength. But with Total Conquest Mod Apk, this will not be a problem anymore as you will get unlimited coins to make continuous upgrades.

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Features Of Total Conquest Mod Apk

This game will challenge you to take the role of governor of an empire. You will need to build such an impenetrable defense that is impossible for anyone to breach. Only Total Conquest Mod Apk can help you achieve your goal of creating a powerful Legion free from all limitations. In this mod version, you will be able to get unlimited money. This money is yours to use any way you like, without restrictions. Upgrade your army units, buy more potions, build more farms, and more. This mod also gives you the benefit of unlimited crowns that can be used to complete your projects earlier and faster. You can also use the crowns to hire more architects to design your kingdom. 

total conquest mod apk

Another key feature of Total Conquest Offline Mod Apk is unlimited apples. As you know, you need apples to increase the power and strength of your army. Therefore, this feature comes in handy to make your army units stronger. Additionally, this mod grants you unlimited tokens, allowing you to participate in any campaign you choose. It would be more accurate to say that by using our mod version, you will get unlimited everything.

Installation Guide

You can download and install the game on your phone by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Tap on the download button. 
  2. When the download is finished, install the app.
  3. Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing.
  4.  When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy.


Yes, Total Conquest has a PvP mode in which you can participate in battles with your friends.

Players will have to participate in different campaigns to attack other kingdoms.

Players can hire more architects to speed up the process of building.

Yes, there are some features and army units that require physical money to unlock them.


Total conquest is the finest strategy game that gives you a chance to master the art of war games and improve your problem-solving skills. You will be fighting against outnumbered clever enemies and powers. But if you build the strongest empire, you can easily outsmart enemies. Build a garrison of powerful troops and call them to attack the opponents. So, what are you waiting for? Download Total Conquest Mod Apk right now and enjoy unlimited features.

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