Temple Run was released in August 2011, and are you still struggling to play the game with all its characters? Also, you want to have all the power-ups and utilities but are unable to do so because you don’t have enough coins. Temple Run Mod Apk is the one-stop solution, so download it now and enjoy the game to its fullest. After downloading this version, you can run away hassle free from the evil monkeys.

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Features of Temple Run

The game contains unique and top-notch features, including high-quality graphics, sound, and mysterious music. Due to its graphics and sounds, the game gives a realistic feel, as if you are running on a long pathway full of traps and sudden turns. It is an endless runner game like subway surfers. Once your character jumps up to be safe from any obstacle and lands back on the track, a very realistic breathing sound can be heard, which makes this game stand out from other arcade games. Even the chattering of the three evil monkeys at the very start of the game gives a realistic feel and runs a current wave in you to save your character’s life. 

The game has a fantastic store offering so much to buy. The items such as power-ups, utilities, and characters can be purchased by a trade-off of a certain number of coins for each item. Following are the few benefits you can have from each:

  • Power-ups are upgraded to prolong their time during the run, and the power-ups will stay longer than usual. 
  • Utilities include head-starts which will push you forward and cover most of the track in the blink of an eye.
  • Adventure can be doubled by choosing different characters to have a different view while running away from the evil monkeys. 


The game begins when you pick up the cursed idol from the forbidden temple; as a result, evil demon monkeys start chasing you to get back the cursed idol. In this amazing platformer game, all you need to do is run away from them by tackling each obstacle in your way. This is an endless maze in which you will have different obstacles. A few of them are listed here:

  • Big stones
  • Fire
  • Sharp and blind turns
  • Tree roots
  • Minimal pathway with deep water on the side
temple run mod apk pwer-ups max

You must be wondering how to cross through all these obstacles safely. It would be best to have strong reflexes and quick hand-eye moments. You can tilt the screen to slide the character right and left. In order to take turns, you have to swipe your finger right or left, as well as you can make the character jump off and roll down to tackle the obstacles. The only key is to have strong reflexes and prompt actions to be taken. 

You can also try out a similar endless arcade game but with cut characters and environments, Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk. This game is designed with vibrant colours and an interesting storyline that will keep you hooked to this game. Playing the game, again and again, is simply challenging yourself. However, you can also compete with other people by following the online world. If you can still not come on the top, you are missing out on something important. So download the Temple Run Mod Apk to be in the topmost position globally. 

temple run mod apk unlimited coins


The game has the following characters, each having their own expertise as per their previous experiences:

  • Guy Dangerous, just your average explorer
  • Scarlett Fox, the cunning escape artist
  • Barry Bones, a city cop with an attitude 
  • Karma Lee, the fastest legs in the far east
  • Montana Smith, the second greatest explorer ever
  • Francsico Montoya, the conquistador 
  • Zack Wonder, football star
temple run mod apk all characters unlocked


Following are the power-ups in the game:

  • Mega Coin 
  • Coin Magnet
  • Invisibility 
  • Boost
  • Coin Values 

Features of Temple Run Mod Apk

You have been playing this game for years but have not explored all its features yet? This free mod apk version of temple run is all you need to install and experience this game to its fullest. The mod will provide you with amazing features to enjoy this game to the maximum. Let’s take a look at the features our mod will be providing you.

Unlimited Coins

The Temple Run Mod Menu Apk will provide you with unlimited coins that will make your gameplay more incredible and thrilling. You will be able to get your hands on the most expensive stuff from the store. These coins will also allow you to upgrade your favorite power-ups to the maximum.

Unlimited Diamonds

Enjoy the benefit of unlimited diamonds with our mod version and unlock the maximum potential of this game. Upgrade any character and item you want to make them the best. Make the most out of this game by utilizing the premium features provided by our mods.

temple run mod apk

All Characters Unlocked

In the latest version of the mod version provided by us, you will get all characters unlocked already. Temple Run has a wide selection of interesting characters. Every character possesses different skills and abilities. Choose your favorite character from the options to make your gameplay more fun.

Free Shopping

With the mod version, enjoy unlimited free shopping from the store and make purchases without any second thoughts. Temple Run Mod Apk Latest Version is a must to be played game as you will have everything unlimited. This mod version of the game makes it easy to play and run through the entire maze. You can download it free for your android and iOS devices, and on your Jio phone, you can also play it on PC.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


No it is endless maze with no end like subway surfers and other arcade games.

3 evil monkeys are chasing during the entire maze.

 A golden idol is stolen by the character from temple in the beginning of the game and runs through the entire maze in order to save life.

 Coins and utilities are the collectable items in the game.


Temple Run Mod Apk is the one-stop solution to fulfil your desire to experience the arcade game to its fullest. If you have played only the original version, you are missing out on many things which are packed in this mod version of the game. So download this game now and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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