If you are searching for an endless run game, and the one released years ago. Yes, we got you, and we are introducing Temple Run 2 Mod Apk today with you, which is certainly a one-up from its stock version, with unlimited coins and diamonds, which induces seamless premium gameplay. You can enjoy a nostalgic vibe and explore the game to its core this time. 

This sequel game has similar controls as in its old version. However, this time, the developers have focused on delivering enhanced picture quality and a wide range of upgraded power-ups are added for endless fun. As in the previous version, you are running in a temple, but it is on a challenging mountain this time. There is much more to discuss about this game, so let’s dive deep and learn more about it.

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Temple Run 2


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Features of Temple Run 2

Graphical representation is a notable feature of the game and is much improved from its previous version, Temple Run. The long pathways are made visually appealing with attention to detail and with the addition of minimalistic designed elements. You can explore new in-game locations, each with a scenic view and visible obstacles. The overall graphics are optimized for mobile screens offering the game player a smooth gaming experience.

Along with the graphical output, the sound effects are top-notch, delivering a valued gaming experience. You can hear every minor sound effect clearly, like the crunching sound of leaves, the burbling sound of water and the horrifying noise of the evil monkeys. The most satisfactory one is the tickling sound of the coin collection. Overall the sound quality is spot on, giving the endless run a realistic touch with voices of nature and pleasing in-game music.


You can relate the gameplay of Temple Run 2 with Subway Surfers as this game is also endless with challenging situations which you have to tackle. Additionally, you can pick up power-ups on your way to earn high rewards and make the gameplay easier for yourself. You have to keep your reflexes strong and keep practising to accomplish missions in the game and have a firm command over the controls.

temple run 2 mod apk all maps unlocked


The game’s controls are easy, and you can relate them to Talking Tom Gold Run. In the initials, the game will guide you on how to move your character. You just have to tilt your mobile to move the character right or left, while for jumping and rolling down, you have to swipe your finger on the screen as per required action.


Playing in an endless maze run is fun, though it’s confusing for several players as they are unsure about the exact objective of the game. A set of objectives are assigned to you to win rewards, exclusive power-ups and new characters. These objectives are simple and fun to accomplish. Following are some of the famous in-game objectives:

  • Novice Runner – ran 500 meters
  • Pocket Change – collect 100 coins
  • Piggy Bank – collect 250 coins
  • High Roller – score 100,000 points
  • Stingy – 250 m collecting no coins


There are several runner characters available in the game having the same set of skills and abilities, though they look entirely different from one another. Guy Dangerous is the default character available right at the beginning of the game. Characters can be bought using in-game coins and gems. If you want to have all characters unlocked, you must download Temple Run 2 Mod Apk.

temple run 2 mod apk all characters unlocked


Power-Ups are really helpful items and make the gameplay more attractive using these powerups, and you can score high and win amazing reward prizes. Following are the powerups available in this endless maze run game:

  • Coin value
  • Shield duration
  • Boost distance
  • Coin magnet
  • Power meter
  • Score multiplier
  • Bolt distance 

Features of Temple Run 2 Mod APK

Indeed the basic variant of this game is a pleasure to play, but this mega mode apk is so much fun and is completely free to download. This version will help you save your real-life effort and time, and you can enjoy having all the premium resources of the game with just a single tap on the download button. A lot of amazing features and vast gameplay can be explored to experience detailed gameplay.

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

This feature significantly intensifies the gaming experience. By having unlimited coins and diamonds, you can access all the in-game features. You can use the coins for regular upgrades and purchasing power-ups. In contrast, diamonds are the premium currency in the game and can be used to unlock new characters and make your access to new levels.

All Maps Unlocked

To make the game visually appealing and challenging at the same time, the developers of this game offer several maps. Now you can enjoy the endless run in any of your favourite locations as you will have all maps unlocked, whether it be Sky Summit, Lost Jungle, Frozen Shadows or Spooky Summit.

temple run 2 mod apk unlimited gems

Unlimited Everything and Free Shopping

The temple run 2 new version mod apk is so much fun to play, making every aspect of the game available to you as you will have everything unlimited, including the gems and other in-game currencies. Also, the power-ups will be made fully accessible to you. Also, you can benefit yourself with free shopping, allowing you to make limitless purchases from the store without the fear of getting out of resources.

All Characters Unlocked

As previously discussed, the characters do not have any superpowers, and they all perform the same way. But they are not visually identical, and each of them adds up great value to the game’s overall graphics. You can have all characters unlocked once you download the latest version of this game.

Unlimited Gems

You are really happy as you are just around the corner to break the high scores in the game, but suddenly, you get hit by some obstacle and fail to do so. This might have happened with you several times but not anymore as in this mod apk of temple run 2, you will have unlimited gems, so now you are set free from the hassle of getting short on the Save Me feature.

Despite downloading this game from Zippy, revdl, happymod and modroid, we suggest you download the safest version of the game from apk aspect and keep your mobile phones safe from any threat.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


You can use the shield to be safe from dying in the game.

Yes, you can customize your character by purchasing varying outfits for them.

There are a number of appealing and highly addictive environments ranging from Jungle, Sky Summit, Frozen Shadows and Lost Jungle.

Yes, with the aid of gems you can continue playing using the save me feature.


In the end, we must say that it is a nostalgic game to play nowadays and is highly addictive and exciting at the same time. As it is equipped with premium graphics combined with soothing sound effects is a must to experience. Also, in Temple Run 2 Mod Apk, there are several premium features that should not be missed at any cost, making this endless run game even more intriguing. So, you must download this on your mobile phone and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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