Are you looking for something entertaining and eye-catching because you’re tired of playing fighting games all the time? The game you’re looking for is Slug it Out 2 Mod Apk. This game is themed on the well-known cartoon from 2012 called Slugterra; in it, you go to a strange planet and engage in thrilling encounters with some adorable slugs on your side while getting the chance to solve intriguing puzzles. 

You will experience exciting boss encounters as you have never experienced them before, so stay cautious because a large, dangerous boss might attack you at any time. You can explore the game’s different modes and features to keep yourself entertained.

App Information

App NameSlugterra: Slug it Out 2
DeveloperEpic Story Interactive
Size175 MB
Last UpdateYesterday
Compatible withAndroid 5.1 and higher
GenreRole Playing Game
Get it onPlay store logo

Features of Slug it Out 2

It wouldn’t be entirely incorrect to state that this game is enjoyable for all age groups as everyone appreciates a good game of puzzle solving and who minds some action and adventure along with it. By offering daily rewards and store improvements, this game offers you the opportunity to express your creativity in amazing ways. The game’s magnificent locations tempt you to travel farther, uncover the most unique slugs that no one has yet witnessed, and add them to your squad. 

This game doesn’t at all restrict its players by offering three separate modes:

  • Story Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode 
  • Duel Mode

Every mode introduces a new task for you, which generates an exciting vibe and thrills one’s senses to dig further into the game.

Graphics and Music

The game’s visuals are something that should never be brushed aside because they make the experience more exciting and intriguing. Slug It Out 2’s graphics are stunning and eye-catching, not to forget the vibrant and distinct colours, appearances, and portrayals of slugs. The sights of the locations are also exceptionally pleasant, which adds an IT factor to the game. 

The game’s soothing background music is like a symphony to players’ ears, making them want to play it for hours. Slugs’ adorable voices are also quite entertaining.

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Slug it Out 2 is the match-three gameplay in which Eli Shane, the main character, tackles multiple opponents with the help of his slug buddies. The gameplay isn’t particularly complex, but it does take some solid skill to get beyond each challenging level. The goal of this game is to figure out the mysterious cause of slug disappearances throughout the 99 caverns in order to bring them all back and reestablish slug power. Slugs possess specific and exclusive titles depending on their unique power ability, such as Tomato, Jellyfish, and many others.

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These slugs will ultimately enhance in terms of their power, speed, and health, helping you to defeat all of the evil bosses who emerge to stop you. When fighting, you get scores by striking enemies that are lined up in a row or column or matching signs. The amount of harm your strike delivers to the opposition depends on how many signs you match.


As the leading character of the game, you will encounter different slugs on your journey and build friendships with them; some will appear cute, while others may appear frightening; the good news is that each slug has its own capabilities, and no skill will go to waste; you would need each expertise at some point in the game; you can also upgrade the strength and skills of your slugs so that they will perform effectively in defeating giant villainous bosses. You can even have all slugs unlocked easily by downloading Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Mod Apk.

Slugs can be categorized into 5 fundamental elements:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Energy
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The secondary elements include:

  • Ice
  • Electric 
  • Plant 
  • Psychic 
  • Shadow
  • Toxic

Their looks correspond to their names; for example, a slug named Water Elemental would have waterpower and a blue appearance.

Features of Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Mod Apk – Unlimited Money and Gems

This mod apk has many incredible benefits for you that will meet all of your expectations. You can get unlimited diamonds from this modded version, and they will help you buy everything you want in the game because there are no restrictions for you, and absolutely nothing will keep you from exploring the in-app features. You’ll also applaud the benefit of free shopping in the game, especially when you have unlimited gems but can still buy everything for free for your slugs. You can upgrade their health and speed and unlock different prizes and rewards, which will eventually help you achieve victory against dangerous enemies. 

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Nothing defines freedom better than the feature of getting unlimited everything. You got that right, and this mod apk will give its players everything available in the shop. All outfits, upgrades, and items can be yours if you download this mega app game immediately. 

Installation Guide

You can download and install the game on your phone by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Tap on the download button. 
  2. When the download is finished, install the app.
  3. Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing.
  4.  When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy.


Eli Shane, the main character of the game, uses Burpy, an Infurnus Slug from The 99 Caverns, as his companion slug.

Only the most skilled Slugs are able to megamorph in Slug it Out 2.

MegaMorphing happens when a slug can reach 200 mph and can survive the high speeds, which makes the slug both quicker and tougher.

Yes, you can download the game from our site and play it on your PC, Android and iOS devices


This game offers the perfect balance of fun and action that every gamer craves. With your friendly slugs, you can also have entertainment and solve puzzles, defeat the terrible enemies who stand in your way, and progress along the path to victory. Downloading Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Mod Apk will give you as much adventure as you desire. So let’s get started without skipping a beat, and don’t forget to mention your favourite slug in the comments section below.

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