If you are looking to play a thrilling bike racing game, then we have an amazing recommendation for you. If you have played Traffic Rider, then we are sure you will enjoy playing Racing fever Moto Mod Apk. This game offers splendid gameplay with a huge variety of motorbikes in several colors and diverse modification options. The graphics and sound quality are top-notch. In addition, a number of camera modes make the game even more enjoyable. There is much more to discuss in this premium bike racing game, so let’s dive deep and learn more about it.

App Information

App NameRacing Fever: Moto
Size175 MB
Last UpdateYesterday
Compatible withAndroid 5.1 and higher
Get it onPlay store logo

Features of Racing Fever Moto

The game offers a quality graphical representation along with classy superbikes, adventurous traffic, and many other elements which enhance the user interface of the game. The meticulous design of each element is so pleasing and makes the gameplay even more enjoyable. Multiple weather conditions and traffic situations are embedded to give the player a more challenging experience. The lighting effects add a realistic touch to the game as if you are riding on the track.

The game’s sound quality delivers immersive and dynamic audio that delivers a real racing experience to the player. The sound effects of engine roar, gear shifts, tires screeching over the track, and traffic noise are very well crafted and enhance the gaming experience to a great extent. For an advanced sound quality experience, you must play this game using headphones.


Just like other bike racing games, this game has very basic yet intriguing gameplay. The controls are pretty simple, and you can get command over the bikes in no time. Like the conventional style, there is a racing button on the right side and a braking button on the left side. Right above the acceleration button, there is a nos button, whereas on the left side, right above the brake button, there is a wheelie button. At the top right corner, there is a digital speedometer and score calculator, whereas, on the left side, there is a timer of either one minute or above. You have to reach the finish line before the countdown ends.

racing fever moto mod apk all unlocked

Winning Awards

Once you win the race, you are rewarded with coins and level-ups. This race prize and level upgrade are directly dependent on the following race aspects:

  • Distance
  • Near miss
  • High speed
  • Front lift

So, while playing the game, always keep in consideration the points and try to do maximum near misses, reach maximum speed, and keep it constant with minimum braking to get more rewards. If you want to have unlimited money, you must download the Racing Fever Moto Mod Apk.

racing fever moto mod apk all bikes unlocked

Garage and Bike Upgrades

As this game is nothing without motorbikes, there are 16 types of bike categories offered, and you can choose any one from these categories. If you are a bike lover, you must be aware of chopper, cross, cruiser, touring, street racer, and superbikes and all of their attributes. Your choice of bike is made more accessible as you can judge them based on their stock following features:

  • Max speed
  • Acceleration
  • Handling
  • braking

The features mentioned earlier can be upgraded too. So if you love a bike but its acceleration or braking is not up to the mark, then no need to worry as you can update it to its maximum potential and get the best output.

racing fever moto mod apk unlimited money

Gaming Modes

To make the game more addictive and interesting, the developers have introduced a number of fascinating games. Following are the ones you must explore

  • Racing
  • Custom
  • Daily Race
  • Police
  • Missions
  • Free Ride

Features of Racing fever Moto Mod Apk – Unlimited Money and All Unlocked

You must download this latest version on your mobile phone as this version offers a wide range of unique features. You can now make unlimited purchases and can have all bikes, not only this, you can even upgrade them to their maximum output. Yes, all this can be done as you will have unlimited money.

racing fever moto mod apk

This VIP mod apk version is completely free to download. You can be the best in this game as well as have all unlocked without any hustle, and there is no need to complete daily races to enjoy these perks. Now you can choose your favorite bike and win all the races quite easily. In addition to all this, you will also have all bikes unlocked.

Installation Guide

You can download and install the game on your phone by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Tap on the download button. 
  2. When the download is finished, install the app.
  3. Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing.
  4.  When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy.


 Yes, you can upgrade the nitro of each bike.

Yes, colour modifications can also be done to the bike and you can make them look really cool.

A wheelie can be done by tapping on the button which is right above the braking button.

Yes, there are multiple gangs in the game of which you are a part.


In the end, this is a thrilling game that captures the interest of a large audience who is into moto sports racing. Splendid and smooth gameplay are the reasons enough to play this game daily. As Racing Fever Moto Mod Apk offers several exciting features, you will surely get addicted to this game, and we bet you will surely admire the game’s sound effects. With a fantastic combo of speed, thrill, and adrenaline, the game continues to captivate audiences and inspire new riders to play this game regularly. So, download it free and share your gaming experience with us in the comment section below.

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