Are you looking for an open-world game with an animated interface and characters? Your research is a unique one, and here it concludes as the best-animated game is presented here for you named PK XD Mod Apk. This is an open-world game with highly rewarding missions, and you are free to go anywhere and use the money earned from the missions to buy food, outfits, a pet pod, a haircut and several delightful utilities.

Additionally, the game offers you a variety of avatar customizations, just as it is in Rope Frog Ninja, which ultimately makes it visually engaging and multiple graphical encounters at moments in the game. Also, the animated feel and bright colours make it appealing for kids. You can own a house, decorate it the way you love and much more. The game is a nourishing experience; there is much more to discuss, so let’s dive deep and learn more about it.

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Features of PK XD

The bright, colourful animated graphics are worth appreciating as they are accompanied by minimalistic designed elements that are highly appealing and make the overall gameplay addictive. Along with this, the significant customizations are indeed a valuable addition to make the game more interactive, as you can customize your avatar, dress it up, and try new hairstyles, tattoos, and beard styles. With all these stunning features, you will never get bored of the game’s visuals.

Soft and pleasing audible music is played throughout the game, which is justice to the animated graphics. You will surely feel as if you are back in your childhood as the pleasant music is so relatable with the cartoons. The entire audible experience is melodic and similar to Happy Mall Story. So, put on your headphones to please your ears with harmonious sound effects.


Being an open-world animated game, this game delivers versatile gameplay, and the player is set free to roam around the entire space, acquire a home and decorate it, own a vehicle, have a pet, get a haircut, enjoy colorful outfits for your created avatar and a lot more is offered. A set of missions are assigned. On the accomplishment of the mission, you will be rewarded with money and gems. Though if you want unlimited money and gems, we suggest you download PK XD Mod Apk.

Customize your Avatar

As you download the game and sign in as a new player, you will be rewarded with free 1000 coins and 20 gems and a mobile phone. Right after this, a pop-up is on your screen where you can choose facial expressions of your avatar ranging from happy and sad to angry outlines. Next to it, you can select skin colour, hairstyle, outfit, and cap. Furthermore, you can give your avatar a nickname, and you will enter the game. Playing daily will reward you with a certain number of coins, and you can also get gems.

pk xd mod apk unlimited money


The controls are pretty simple as it is an open-world game, and you are free to roam around and explore the game to its fullest. A joystick is placed at the bottom left of the screen, with which you can move your avatar anywhere. On the right side is a chat with friends button and a fight button. Long jumps can also be attained after buying an energy drink that is accessible for a few minutes. On the top left corner, a mobile phone is positioned. Using it, you can access all the features

Missions and Quests

A set of missions and quests is available in the game to present it in a meaningful form. Simple missions are assigned with a countdown timer of a few minutes in which you have to collect a certain number of fruits, and you will be rewarded with coins on successful completion of the mission. Multiple daily quests are also assigned, which will lead you to surprise gifts. Following are some of the common quests assigned:

  • Save a new look
  • Buy 1 furniture
  • Complete the pizza delivery quest
  • Play crazy run
  • Like 2 houses of another player
  • Eat a pizza
  • Buy 3 avatar items
  • Play falcon XD or turbo racer
pk xd mod apk free shopping

Build and Decor your House

At the beginning of the game, you are provided with a free igloo-shaped house. Certainly, it is not enough as it is an open-world game, and you can buy a house at any location and decor it the way you love. This virtual game provides several elements to furnish your house, including a lava lantern, gaming chair, dancing mat, puff cloud, and many others. In addition, you can own a pet and tame it and feed it, which enhances the gameplay as having a pet is a wholesome therapy.

Features of PK XD Mod Apk

Now you can explore and play with your friends the premium mod version of this game, which is entirely free to download and is packed with numerous fantastic features. This new update is a complete fun package as everything will be accessible. You do not have to wait long to explore the game and unlock the amazing features as everything free is available to you and is just a single tap away.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Indeed in-game currency is the most important in any game. And as this game is an open-world one, you would definitely need to buy things you admire, and it is now made much easier as you will have unlimited money and gems along with unlimited diamonds, which means that you do not need to indulge yourself in hectic missions to buy things you adore.

pk xd mod apk all houses unlocked

All Houses Unlocked

As discussed in the gameplay, a house is a must to have, and a variety of houses are offered in this game, including DJ House, AI House, Place, and many others. All these are engaging and are a great opportunity to explore the game’s hidden features. The houses are expensive, and it is a hustle to purchase them, but not anymore, as in this latest version, you will have all houses unlocked.

Free Shopping

The game revolves around constantly buying new features, and the game would not progress without making purchases whether you want to feed your avatar or enjoy other luxuries of the game. So now you can be benefited by having all unlocked accompanied with free shopping and free purchases. Now you are free from second thought before buying anything in the game. Despite downloading this new version from an1, android 1, happymod, moddroid and apkmodmania we suggest you download a safe version of the game with no ads from apk aspect.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


In order to have your first pet visit the pet shop, a robot will deliver you with a pet bot once it is incubated.

Yes, you can make multiple purchases with easter eggs including buying decor items for your house.

The crazy run would lead you to amazing prices like an easter egg.

Yes, you can click pictures using the mobile phone and tap on the camera with photography mode.


In the end, we must say that this game is a must to play as there is a lot to explore and learn new things, especially for children. Various new skills can be developed with engaging gameplay accompanied by appealing graphics and sound effects. Indeed PK XD Mod APK is a one-up delivering premium features and adding significant value. You can explore the game quickly if you opt to play this version of the game with everything unlocked and accessible with a single tap. So, download this game right away and share your experience with the splendid game in the comment section below.

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