Are you one of those people who are fond of off-road machines and trucks? Then you must love to attend jeep really in the deserts and in the mountains to test the off-road vehicles. Now all your such cravings can be fulfilled on your mobile phone. As Off The Road Mod Apk is a simulator game filled with vehicles having off-road capabilities ranging from long wheelbase trucks to mini trucks. You can enjoy driving these in the mountains, sand, mud, and fields. Unique missions and tasks are waiting for you, so let’s dive deep into the game and discuss the fantastic gameplay and features.

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Features of Off The Road

The game’s 3D graphics and colour grading are pleasing to the eyes, enhancing the gaming experience and making it more addictive. Various landscapes are available to drive in with the off-road machine of your choice. You can even customize the vehicle by adding a bumper of your choice, as you have the choice to pick any one from lots of bumpers. You can also get the paint job done and take the vehicle into the colors of your own choice. Driving in the sand and the water is such a realistic experience as the sand, and water particles sprinkle up once the wheels of the vehicle roll in them. 

In addition, the sound quality is top-notch, as a realistic diesel engine sound can be heard from each vehicle. Once you accelerate the 4-by-4 machine, a pleasing engine sound can be heard just like in Offroad Outlaws. The detailed work on the sound effects can be noticed by spotting the difference in the vehicle’s sound once it’s going uphill, downhill, on the sand and in the water. Constant thrilling music is also played throughout the game, which can be switched off from the settings. The GFX details can also be set to low, medium, high or ultra in the game settings.


The game is filled with plenty of missions and tasks. The game begins, and you walk using the joystick placed at the bottom left of your mobile screen. You initially collect some coins running on the island and finally opt for a car from the garage. Driving a car is simple though you have to take care of the stability of the vehicle.

For turning the vehicle, the right and left buttons are placed on the left bottom, whereas on the right side, the accelerating, braking and emergency hand brake buttons are placed. Also, there is a button for nitro which can be purchased using money. If your vehicle is stuck somewhere, you need unlimited money for nitro. For this, you can download otr mod apk

off the road vip mod apk

The game is entirely free to download. You can enjoy different camera modes while in the vehicle and pick any of the ones which are most suitable for you. You must collect different cards on your way, the checkpoint flags, the trophies and the gold coins. Several tasks are assigned in the game like you have to transport the goods by loading in your off-road machine from one place to another. These can be tree logs, some concrete blocks for construction and much more. On the top left corner of the screen, there is a map in which you can see where the collectables are placed and where not to go to be safe from the obstacles.


A wide range of off-road machines are available in the game, and it is heaven for 4-by-4 lovers. You can purchase trucks, 4-by-4 and rally cars same as in Hill Climb Racing 2. The most attention-grabbing cars in the garage are:

  • Cadillac Eldorado 
  • Dodge Ram
  • Ford B series
  • Ford Bronco Ranger 
  • Hummer H1
  • Wrangler Jeep Defender
  • Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6 by 6
off the road mod apk all cars unlocked


And many more vehicles are available. You can upgrade the following components of any car to enhance its performance:

  • Engine upgrades to climb hills easily as acceleration is improved
  • A chassis upgrade makes the engine more durable
  • Upgrade the suspension to have enhanced stability and better road grip
  • Upgrade the drivetrain to have improved traction, which helps to climb hills smoothly


There are a total of 6 maps in the game, each portraying more and more thrill and adventure. These 6 maps are the following:

  • Islands
  • The Shore
  • Red Canyon
  • Volcano
  • Valley
off the road mod apk unlimited money


While talking about the parts availability for each vehicle, there are several options, as mentioned follows:

  • Paint
  • Front and back bumpers
  • Spoilers and side steps
  • Roll cages
  • Hood stuff
  • Wheels
  • Lights

Features of Off The Road Mod APK

This off the road otr open world driving mod apk version will leave you astonished, and you will surely want to download this vip unlocked version. This latest version is a must to download to play this game, being hassle-free as you will have everything unlimited. You can download it free for your android and iOS devices, and on your Jio phone, you can also play it on PC.

All Cars Unlocked

Now you can choose the off-road machine of your own choice as you will have all cars unlocked in the mod version. So driving in any of the landscapes with your favourite car is not an issue anymore and is a wholesome driving pleasure.

off the road mod apk

Unlimited Money

You will also have unlimited money with which you can upgrade your favourite vehicles to their maximum capacities and do free shopping in the game. So, clearly, now you do not need to struggle hard and wait long to get enough coins for making purchases of your favourite inventory.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


The camera view can easily be changed by tapping on the camera icon right below the cards.

Yes, by upgrading the vehicle’s suspension, it will undoubtedly become more stable and will have improved road grip.

Roll cages are essential, as when the vehicle rolls over, the passenger is safe due to the roll cage, so we suggest you upgrade each vehicle in the game.

You can buy all cars in the gamy with the unlimited money given in this mod version of the game.


We hope that now you are well aware of the features and gameplay of this fantastic game. Also, you might have noticed a vast difference between the standard game features and the mod version features. The vip mod version is a complete package having everything unlocked, and you can explore every detail of the game very closely. So download this game and let us know about your experience of the thrill and adventure in the comment section below. 

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