Do you ever desire to drive a huge bus in the beautiful landscapes of a busy city and transport people from one point to another? Indeed, many people out there romanticize large vehicles like buses. Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk is a one-stop solution offering amazing in-game features and highly engaging gameplay. 

This game is a mix of bus simulation and several features that a bus has in real life. An automatic transmission bus is given with hazard lights, wipers, push start, and a high beam to give it a real touch. There is a lot more to discuss, so let’s dive deep and learn more about the game.

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Features of Mobile Bus Simulator

The graphical representation of this game is indeed top-notch. All the elements are visually appealing and are given a close touch to the real world, like the streets, traffic signals, roadside bus stops, and other vehicles on the road. There is a quick response by every element, and the buses are designed in a very traditional way to make this simulation game stand out from all others. 

Along with the graphical representation, a very pleasant experience is induced by the sound effects of the game. The environmental sounds, the engine noise, the ticking sound of the indicators, and the hydraulic sound of the opening and closing of the bus door at a bus station enhance the gameplay. For a more premium sound experience, we suggest you put on your headphones.


The gameplay is quite intriguing for simulation game lovers as the player has to pick up the passengers from the bus stops and drop them off at their destination stops. A beautiful city drive becomes more exciting due to the variety of bus controls, including push start, turn signals, hazard lights, fuel indication, and multiple camera views.

mobile bus simulator mod apk latest version


The bus controls are highly customizable, just as they are in Truckers of Europe 3. You can choose button, steer or tilt controls. You can assign the steering or buttons to any side of the screen. The rearview mirror is also optional. You can keep it visible or hide it as you feel comfortable with it.

Bus Customizations

As in real life, buses look different from other vehicles and have their own unique road presence. Considering a number of customization options are available, you can choose the horn of your own choice. Also, you can upgrade the following accessories:

  • Wheel cap
  • Front bumper
  • Rear bumper
  • Strobe light

By downloading the Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk, you will have unlimited money and can purchase all these accessories at once.

mobile bus simulator mod apk unlimited money


There are a couple of buses available in the main menu of the game. As the main purpose of this simulation game is to transport people from one place to another and to be cost efficient to generate more money, you need to have a bus that carries more passengers. The following buses are available. Choose the best for yourself:

  • Super High Deck (Capacity: 56 passengers Fare per Seat: 225)
  • Double Decker (Capacity: 45 passengers Fare per Seat: 350)


Like Car Simulator 2, this game has various beautiful landscapes to enjoy the long-wheelbase vehicle drive. Stunning city rides and highway rides along with eye-catching green fields can be experienced along with challenging factors in each location, like weather conditions, mechanical faults, passengers’ interactiveness, and fuel consumption. Following are a few beautiful locations must to experience:

  • Jakarta
  • Bandung
  • Yogyakarta
  • Semarang
mobile bus simulator mod apk no ads

Features of Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk

By downloading the mod version of the game, you can experience many new features and no longer have to wait for them. As on free download of this version, you can experience this simulation game to its fullest and it will be a wholesome gaming experience.

No Ads

Streamlined gameplay is an experience every player wants to have. As you can control the game quality and set it as per your device for smooth gameplay, you will be set free from unnecessary ads as there are no ads in this latest version.

Unlimited Money

Buying your favourite bus, upgrading it the way you want, and driving it in your favourite location is quite easy now. On downloading this new mod version of the game, you will have unlimited money with which you can purchase anything without waiting long to have enough resources. 
Despite downloading this game from an1, we suggest you download the safest version from apkaspect on your PC

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


Refuelling is quite simple, you can pay for the fuel, or you can get it for free by watching a video ad.

You can earn a good amount of money by transporting the passengers safely to their destinations and by following the traffic rules.

Yes, the strobe lights not only beautify the bus, but it helps you a lot to drive at night with clear vision.

Maps are really helpful to identify the nearby fuel station and bus stops to pick up passengers.


The game is a mix of engaging graphics, quality sound effects, and an experience of fuel management on long routes, passenger management, and driving skills in challenging landscapes and weather conditions. All these features and gameplay become more intriguing once you download Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk, the version equipped with amazing features. Share your gaming experience of unlimited features with us in the comment section below.

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