Have you ever wondered how you would survive if you ever wake up alone on a deserted island? It is horrifying to be stranded on an abandoned island with no connection to the world and survival resources. It is a whole soul-stirring experience in itself, but no one wishes to go through it in real life. However, Lost In Blue Mod Apk will allow you to experience this survival adventure in all its intensity right on your phone. 

This game will provide you with an authentic survival experience in which you will have to work wisely to stay alive till the end. You will have to craft, build, repair, find, and defend to stand a chance against the hostilities of mother nature. You will have to fight off many mutant creatures and deadly monsters to survive. The mod version of this game will provide you with many exciting perks to enjoy the diverse gameplay of this game even more.

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App NameLost in Blue
DeveloperVolcano Force
Size175 MB
Last UpdateToday
Compatible withAndroid 5.0 and higher
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Features Of Lost in Blue

It is a state-of-the-art survival-adventure game in which you will build a new life on a strange and deserted island from scratch. This adventure simulation game will test your survival instincts and nerves to the extreme with its deadly challenges. During your adventure, you will run against untamed creatures, unexplained natural disasters, and mutant zombies. Unleash out your fiercest self to fight off all the challenges coming your way. Gather as many useful materials from the environment as you can to craft weapons. 

In this amazing survival simulation game, you will learn the art of crafting from the natural elements. You will be crafting, building, and repairing to ensure your survival alone on an island. You will be able to design your shelters and facilities in-depth with details. Build a strong defence system to protect yourself from vicious creatures. You will be coming across various surprises as you will dig deeper into the gameplay. Lost in Blue has perfect and eye-catching graphics full of colours. In this game, the designers have put a great deal of effort into capturing the essence of nature in its full beauty.


Lost in Blue features a very rich and diverse survival gameplay that will keep its players captured in it for hours. The storyline of this game starts when your plane mysteriously experiences an accident and suffers a deadly crash. You open your eyes, lying badly wounded on an unknown, strange island. From now, your journey begins to find out if there are more survivors and find different ways to ensure your survival. When the gameplay starts, you will be given a character choice. You can either be a man or a woman struggling for survival. 

lost in blue mod apk free craft

Your character will have various attributes. You will have to explore the island to find resources to meet your need of food and water. Wisely use the resources you have collected to survive till the last. In the gameplay, you will start from the basics and work your way up to a better existence and quality life. Your character will also have a back with a Gear and Quick Slot. To fight against dangerous monsters attempting to attack you, you can utilize various objects as weapons, such as a chainsaw or boat paddles. With Lost In Blue Global Mod Apk, you will be provided with multiple interesting features to enjoy.

Craft To Survive

Your survival on this mysterious land will purely depend on your ability to build and craft. You will have to build strong survival facilities and weapons to hold out against the dangers of mother nature in their full might. You will have to hunt and gather different items that will help you in crafting. This game is filled with mysterious creatures. You will have to make different tools and weapons for hunting and protection. Build a shelter to live and store your collected precious resources. You will also have to grow food and build storage to keep that food safe.

Fighting The Unknown

This island will put you against various dangerous and life-threatening situations. You will be facing the brutality of different weather. Your adventure will not only be limited to the land. You will also go to the depths of the oceans to find yourself helpful items and long-lost treasures. Other than the dangerous creatures and mutant entities, you will also have to fight off man-made challenges. Dino Hunter is another excellent game set on the lands of a strange island that has deadly dinosaurs.

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Lost in Blue also offers different modes to make the gameplay more diverse and engaging. 

  • PvP: It is a multiplayer mode in which you can play with different survivors from all around the world. Make friends to make your life in the game better despite all the difficulties. Battle off all the challenges together to ensure your survival. Teamwork will increase your efficiency and success in the game. 
  • PvE: It is a single player mode in which you will be exploring the storyline alone. In this mode, you will be the only in charge to decide the direction of your adventure. You will have to make yourself strong to withstand all the challenges of the environment.


This is another great feature of this game. You can upgrade your weapons and gears to make them better and stronger. The storyline will make your character go through proper development and improvement. You can also upgrade different attributes of your character to make it stronger and healthier. Upgrade your tools and character to make it till the last of the times.

lost in blue mod apk unlimited gems

Features Of Lost In Blue Mod Apk

This game offers a great thrill for all its players to explore and enjoy. The mod version of this game will provide you with various epic features that will enhance your gameplay to the maximum. With the mod version, you will be able to enjoy the full potential of this game. You can download Lost In Blue Mod Apk right now from Apkaspect to enjoy the perks given by our mod.

Unlimited Money

With the mod version of this game, you will have unlimited money on your game. Even if you use every last penny in the store, you will never run out of money. You can use this money to unlock different useful items for your thrill-filled adventure. This money will also help you in upgrading your tools and weapons. By upgrading your weapons, you will be able to stand a significant chance in front of the deadly monsters of this mysterious island.

Unlimited Gems

You will also be able to take the benefit of endless gems with the feature of Lost In Blue unlimited gems Mod Apk. You will not have to go through the hassle of collecting gems gradually. You will have all of them at once with the mod version. These gems can be used to enhance your experience of this survival-adventure game. You can improve and upgrade your character using these gems. Equip your character with powerful weapons with the help of these gems to make him unstoppable.

lost in blue mod apk

Free Craft

Another great feature of this latest version of the mod is a free craft. With this feature, you will be able to craft better weapons and equipment for free. You will be allowed to utilize all sorts of materials and resources available in the shop. Craft the best tools and outfits for your character to improve your gaming experience. There will also be no ads in this mod version to annoy you during your gameplay. In comparison to the mod versions of Moddroid, Platinmods, and Blackmod, Apkaspect will offer you a mod version with a wider variety of potential features.

Installation Guide

You can download and install the game on your phone by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Tap on the download button. 
  2. When the download is finished, install the app.
  3. Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing.
  4.  When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy.


In the story mode, players will find a few survivors to accompany them on this adventure.

This game has an online PvP mode where players can embark on this adventure with their friends.

Lost in Blue has ultra-realistic 3D graphics and a captivating storyline that will keep you consumed for hours.

Yes, players can have a pet in the PvP mode of this game.


In this amazing adventure simulation game, you will indulge in the ultimate survival fantasy. You will face the harsh realities of life and the extreme might of mother nature. This survival game will put you against a grinding test to survive alone, just on minimal resources. Fight with vicious creatures and mutants to protect yourself. You will also craft and build a life from scratch to shield your vulnerability. You can download Lost In Blue Mod Apk right now from Apkaspect to get the best features in this game.

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