If you’re angry, you want to smash things and hit someone, but you’re afraid of hurting someone close to you, right? Don’t worry; we know you can’t do it in the real world, but at least in a virtual environment, you can cut, crush, toss, or strangle. A dummy (buddy) who won’t even care since he’ll like the beating as much as you will enjoy striking him.

You can use different weapons on him to express your rage. Still, if you want to make the process of torturing him easier, we have unlocked all weapons, such as machine guns, pistols, and even explosives, for you, so download Kick the Buddy Mod Apk immediately and dive yourself inside the digital world of tormenting.

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Features of Kick the Buddy

This game invites players to fun and engaging action in which you can knock down the dummy in any possible manner. The game’s dramatic and lifelike sound effects will hold your attention when you give your buddy a good beating. He even responds with sympathetic vocal comments, and the commentary on each of your plays will heighten the thrill and fun of the game just as the terror is pleasing in Pure Sniper for a better cause.

The graphics also elevate the game as a whole. The images are detailed and beautifully enhanced with a great aesthetic style. Players can also apply their aim abilities when tossing stuff toward the dummy. The most fantastic aspect of this game is that it can also be played offline. If you’re sitting somewhere getting irritated over something and want to hit somebody, this game has you covered, as it can be played without an internet connection. 

Furthermore, you can make the game more fascinating by designing your environment as the same can be done in Bed Wars. You can customize the overall ambiance, organize your spot in any way you like, and beat the innocent dummy in your favourite locations, such as a park or concert. Not only do you have the option to customize your area, but you can also offer your buddy a new look. You can pick from various outfits and accessories to give your dummy a unique appearance and turn him into a superhero or a clown, which would make hitting him more enjoyable.

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There are no strict rules in the gameplay of Kick the Buddy, so you can play it how you like, and finding a captivating game that keeps you hooked for hours like this one is also extremely difficult. The main objective of the game is to get your frustration out on a painless doll by hitting it with all kinds of things. The dummy is very responsive, which adds to the game’s enjoyment. He can run or move around the area, while you can drag him around and hurt him in any way you like by simply clicking on the touchscreen. 

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If you wish to achieve your goal of punishing him in various ways while being allowed to be free and want to learn more ways to hurt him, you should visit the store. There, you will find various options, including poison, acid bombs, chains to strangle him, and heavy pistols, but you must first unlock them, which takes a lot of time. Fortunately, we have you covered with this latest version of Kick the Buddy Mod Apk, where you will have everything unlocked, including all unlocked weapons, outfits, and accessories.

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You will have access to a variety of cruel weapons that you can use to torture him. For example, you can hit his skull with a baseball, drag him to every square of the room, chop him in half, or throw various heavy objects to make him suffer like pianos or musical instruments. You can even set him on fire with nuclear bombs. You can also let wild animals approach him, and they will tear him apart.

Features of Kick the Buddy Mod Apk

The features and advantages of this mod apk are endless because it’s a very advanced version of the original game. You can torture your little buddy with advanced weapons and items because we’re giving you everything unlocked, so you won’t need to exhaust yourself.

Unlimited Money

You can do free shopping to buy all the weapons, unlock skins and outfits for your character, and access everything you’ve ever imagined. Additionally, we are giving you unlimited money and coins so you won’t feel limited and can freely explore your desires. 

kick the buddy mod apk

Diamond Membership

You can also get a diamond membership with this mod apk of Kick the Buddy, and we can bet that this is all you want. The game has no ads, so that you can play it without interruptions.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


There is a lot of violence in Kick the Buddy, so it might not be suitable for kids or people under 12 years old.

You can use Power of Gods to torture your dummy and he will eventually die.

It’s a small doll-like dummy that doesn’t feel any pain.

Angel is the element of Power of Gods, he will appear to bring the dummy back to life.


Kick the Buddy is a fantastic replacement for breaking things or hitting someone in real life when you’re upset. Instead, you can hit the doll to relieve stress, relax, and become stress-free. The game lets us explore various features, such as different locations, skins, and weapons, and we can also come up with new methods to torment our Buddy to our satisfaction. Follow the instructions above to download Kick the Buddy Mod Apk, available on all Android and iOS devices, and let us know about your favourite weapon in the comments section. 

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