We all fantasize about the era of dragons, and many of us are so involved in the study of dragons and what traits they possessed back in the years and every time left curious. Imagine playing an arcade game which portrays the life of dragons and takes you back in that era. The fantastic game features and gameplay will give you actual Goosebumps. So download the Hungry Dragon Mod Apk and enjoy discovering the medieval age by destroying everything and eating all you want on your dragon journey. Fire breathing in the game is a whole experience too.

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Features of Hungry Dragon

The game features are planned in such a way by the game developers that it gives a realistic touch. The exceptional 3D graphics are pleasing, and a smooth gaming experience is a big plus. You can observe your dragon manoeuvring around as if they are freely floating. BGM sound is introduced in the game, which enhances the gaming experience, as the sounds of a dragon eating all the things on its way and the sound of fire breathing are so pragmatic. 

The top-notch sound quality and sharp 3D animated graphics will convince you to play this game again and again. So please choose the best dragon for yourself, having the best abilities to eat their prey. The game is available to play both online and offline. Quite evident that you can relish yourself by playing with your friends and showing them the exciting collection of dragons you possess. 


The game is a blockbuster having high reviews and ratings due to the stunning gameplay and concept as the name of the game, and it is pretty evident that you are a dragon in the game that is hungry and needs to be fed. The game begins with a hungry dragon that can fly, walk and swim. So it can eat its prey flying in the air, including birds, people, and other animals on the ground, and even the underwater creatures, as the dragons in the game can swim easily. Being destructive, you can move your dragon all the way, eating everything that comes in the journey to quench the hunger of your dragon.

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The number of rewards, mission timeline, score multiplier and controls for manoeuvring the dragon is shown on the left side of your mobile screen. Whereas on the right side of your mobile screen, you can see the bar for life, which keeps on decreasing if you do not feed the dragon, secondly there is a boost bar which automatically fills and can be used to move your dragon at a fast pace to reach the prey as soon as possible.

Also, the number of coins is shown and keeps on increasing the more you feed the dragon. In the middle bottom of the screen, there is a fire rush which fills up to its maximum automatically and can be used once it is complete. 


There are several dragons available in the game. You can opt for the best ones; some of the best are listed here:

  • Umbra
  • Jade
  • Gold heist
  • Geogantis
  • Drak-awet
  • Poseidran
  • Tony Dragone
  • Raktavi

To have all dragons unlocked, download the Hungry Dragon Mod Apk.

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Missions in the game

The game has several simple missions like merge master 2, making it more exciting. Some of the missions are listed below:

  • Eat or kill a specific type of prey
  • Survive a certain amount of times
  • Fly and swim a particular amount of meters
  • Earn a specific number of coins and points

Missions vary when you get the legendary dragons unlocked and give a thrilling experience with advanced difficulty levels.

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Features of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

The new mod version of the hungry dragon is jam packed with amazing features. As this game is all about dragons, now you can access all dragons without waiting long, not only this you can keep these dragons completely satisfied by providing them with the right diet. Yes, you can now give them the best shelter and food as this version offers unlimited resources.

All Dragons Unlocked

By downloading the mod apk version of Hungry Dragon, you can access the complete game, enjoy its offerings, and play every mission using a dragon of your choice, as you will have all dragons unlocked. As the game is all about hungry dragons.

hungry dragon mod apk

Unlimited Money

The latest version also provides you with unlimited diamonds and unlimited gems. You can make purchases of anything you need at any time, as by downloading this mod version, you will be provided with unlimited money as well. You can download it free for your android and ios devices, and on your Jio phone, you can also play it on PC.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


Gold heist is the biggest dragon in the updated version of the game.

 The different types of currencies in the game are coins and gems to make purchases.

To survive in the missions, the only key is to eat everything that comes in your way, to maintain your dragon’s life.

The enemy dragons on your way can kill your dragon and harm you in the game.


Enjoy this arcade game and enter into the world of dragons and utilize your spare time by being creative. Feed your dragons and upgrade them to have new costumes. Enjoy playing with each dragon, and let us know about your favourite ones. So download the hungry dragon mod apk, explore all of the game features and let us know about your experience of your dragon journey in the comment section.

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