If you want to test your reflexes playing an interactive game, we have a very premium casual genre game named Going Balls Mod Apk which will put you in an ultimate test of your hand and eye gesture. The rolling ball with various obstacles is quite tricky to control, but practicing can make you perfect in this gameplay. The gameplay is combined with colourful smooth graphics and melodic sound. There is a lot more to discuss in this game, so let’s dive deep and learn more about it.

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Features of Going Balls

All the visual elements are designed in a very refined manner delivering a unique user interface that is further accompanied by a bright and colorful display. The diversity in the game’s graphics is worth appreciating as several elements look visually pleasing, whether static or dynamic. Overall the graphics in the game are well executed and deliver an enhanced user experience delivering and addicting gameplay. You can relate this experience to Minion Rush.

Along with the intriguing game visuals, an engaging audio experience is induced to make the gameplay more exciting. The sound of the ball bouncing on varying surfaces is realistic and relaxing. Audibly pleasing music is played all along the game and upscales the overall gaming experience. The sound effect and music of the game are very well-balanced, and none overpowers the other. For a quality sound experience, we suggest you put on your headphones.


The gameplay is quite unique and is interesting at the same time. Unexpected obstacles are waiting for you to pass through them strategically. Once you keep playing this game you will surely master it, as you do in other casual category games. The overall gameplay of Going Balls is highly addictive as there are a number of in-game levels, you will want to play each one of them.


The controls are really simple. You just have to swipe your finger on your mobile screen to control the ball movement but remember, never roll your ball too fast, and it will result in losing control. There is another pro tip: do not be crazy while controlling the ball. Just act and think smartly so you can come out from the challenging obstacles easily.

Interesting Balls

The gameplay becomes more interactive with several balls available, all of which are aesthetically pleasing, including basketball, baseball, pool ball, watermelon, rugby and many others. If you are still stuck on the conventional stock ball, you must download Going Balls Mod Apk to have all balls unlocked.


The developers of the game have made the gameplay even more interesting by introducing a wide range of powerups in the game, which is very common in other games like Temple Run 2. Following are the powerups offered in the game:

  • Shield powerup to form a protective layer around the ball
  • Magnet powerup to catch all the coins
  • Boost powerup to move the ball even fast


As the game is purposely built on rolling the ball through the narrow maze successfully, a narrow maze is just a single challenge, but a whole thrill comes in when you have to face tricky obstacles. You will come across diverging spikes, moving elements, saws and several challenging obstacles. You just need to calm down your nerves to pass through the narrow maze with obstacles to progress in the game. 

Features of Going Balls Mod Apk

If you have already played the stock version of the game, you will find this mod version even more appealing due to the number of free resources available at your hand. By downloading Going Balls Mod APK, you can save your real-time effort and time and can relish your gameplay with every premium feature, which is made available instantly.

No Ads

Now you can experience uninterrupted and seamless gameplay without any unwanted ads, as in this latest version, there are no ads which will result in more focus and concentration on the game and ultimately, you will enjoy playing it without any hindrance.

Unlimited Money

In-game resources are so vital. Imagine having them all so you can practice various strategies and take risks to advance and progress in the game more rapidly. With unlimited money, you can purchase all the items and power-ups available in the store without any second thought or fear of getting out of in-game currency.

All Balls Unlocked

As we discussed previously, the main element of this game is the balls which are available in a wide range of different shapes, colors and characteristics. To deliver more pleasing gameplay with varying challenging levels using balls of different characteristics, you are offered all balls unlocked, so choose your favorite one and experience detailed gameplay.

All Unlocked

In this premium mod version of Going Balls, you can access every in-game resource, whether it be the balls, power-ups or other in-game resources. You will have all unlocked and accessible to your right after downloading the game. An enhanced gaming experience can be encountered as there are no restrictions or limitations in this version of the game. For a safe version, you can download this game from apk aspect despite downloading it from an1.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


Yes, there is a tutorial in the beginning of the game which will teach you the basic controls and mechanism.

Yes, you can customize the skin of your available balls in the game.

Yes, there is a global leaderboard in Going Balls and you can compete for high scores with a number of opponents.

No, there is no time limit and you can take as much time as you want to progress smoothly.


In the end, we must say that this game is a must to experience as it will not just be an activity for your spare time, but sideways it will help you enhance and increase your focus. For smooth gameplay Going Balls Mod Apk offers several intriguing unlocked features right after you download the game, and with these, you can progress in the game and lead your position on top of the leaderboard. So, download it on your mobile phone and share your gaming experience with us in the comment section below.

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