Our favourite simulation car driving game has returned with a sequel that is jam-packed with thrill and action and will drive us wild. It brings a new era of car driving simulation with its incredible gameplay and challenging multi-stage levels. You got it right, and we are talking about Dr. Driving 2. The visually amazing graphics and the multidimensional gameplay of this sequel will make you fall in love with it.

But the only way to play this game with its fullest potential is with Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk. It will provide you with the best features you need to accomplish all levels like a pro. There is no need to suffer the torture of waiting to unlock all your favourite modes and levels. Download our mod right away to instantly unlock everything you want without having to put forth any effort.

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Features Of Dr. Driving 2

Dr. Driving 2 is the best simulation car driving game with first-person perspective gameplay. To make the gameplay of this sequel richer, it has been released with several additional special features. It will give you a realistic experience of driving a car with its incredible 3D display, sound system, and captivating user interface. The developers have given a great deal of attention to even itsy-bitsy details in the graphics and the artwork to increase the appeal of the game. 

This game was released on 24th Of February 2017. This game is also breaking records after Dr. Driving 1 with having more than 50 million downloads. It features a range of beautifully curated vehicles with real-world elements to give you an actual driving experience. Each of the cars has distinctive characteristics and capabilities. The game’s viewing angle can be changed by the players in this version to their exact liking. They have complete control over it. There are two viewing angles;

  • First-Person View in which players will perceive the environment from the eyes of the character.
  • Third-Person View in which players will see the car in front of them, and this will make their driving better. 

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It has very simple touch controls that can be mastered in no time. This is what makes this game more captivating. This game equips its players with realistic car controls. The players will need to tilt the screen to the right and left in accordance with the situation to drive the automobile through obstacles, abrupt curves, traffic, and more. The accelerator will show up in the bottom left corner. The brake pedal, which slows or stops your car, will be located next to the accelerator pedal. 

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In order to provide you with total control over your car, it also features a full-fledged gearing system. Players will be able to upgrade the systems of their cars to make them more functional and enhance their performance just as in many of the other racing games. However, with the help of Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk, there is no longer any need to be concerned about car upgrades. It will provide you with all cars unlocked already. They all will be fully upgraded and functional.

Game Modes

There are Six fun-filled game modes in Dr. Driving 2 that will keep you consumed for hours. All these modes get unlocked as you make progress in the levels. These modes are as follows;

  • Career Mode: It is the easiest mode in which players will have to complete stages to make progress. They will be given different missions and tasks to put their driving abilities to the test. 
  • Car Lab Mode: In this mode, players will be made to pass different races in extreme conditions and circumstances.
  • Racing Mode: As the name suggests, in this mode, players will participate in various breathtaking races to enhance their driving skills.
  • Taxi Mode: this is the most interesting mode in the game. In this mode, players will role-playing as taxi drivers. They will need to pick up the passengers and drop them at the desired destinations.
  • Tournament & Championship Mode: This mode will allow the players to have online multiplayer races with other players from all around the world.
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Features Of Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk

Dr. Driving 2 is the best game when it comes to simulation racing games. With all its extraordinary features it is going to win your heart over and over again. You will have to put in a great effort to unlock all these features. However, you can have everything at once with Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk.

Unlimited Gold Coins

Gold coins are the premium in-game currency which is a must to have and is very much helpful in making unusual purchases like the best equipment and vehicles without worrying about getting out of resources. As, in this mod version, you will get Unlimited Gold Coins that you can use to unlock your favourite features without any limitations.

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Unlimited Money and Gems

Its features of Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Money will give you the freedom to make as many upgrades in your vehicles as you want. As you need to have enhanced stability in the vehicle these resources are a must to acquire to make your vehicle controls advanced to pass through each level and by scoring high in the game.

All Levels Unlocked

Another dominant feature of our mod is that you will have All Levels Unlocked. As many of us get stuck to a certain level and are alway curious about the adventure of the subsequent levels. If you are one of such game players this feature is best for you as you can jump on to any of the levels in the game at any time without any limitations.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


The parking box turns green when the car is parked correctly.

Yes, the functionality of your car will be affected by the weather conditions.

How can I play Dr. Driving 2 with my friends?

Each car in the game has different specifications, appearance, engine, and speed.


Dr. Driving 2  is a dynamic game that will provide an exciting and real-life driving experience. It contains every aspect required to provide a lifelike automotive simulation experience. The eye-catching graphics and captivating visual effects are the main highlights of the new version. It is packed with thrilling modes and missions to put your driving skills to the test. So, Download Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk right now and keep playing it till you slay.

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