Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes and want to become a famous detective who unveils the secrets of the dark world? Do you have a detective mind who always craves to indulge in thrilling mysteries? If you are looking for a mystery-solving game with twists and turns at every point, you are at the right place. Criminal Case Mod Apk will challenge your detective expertise.

It is an ultimate mystery-solving game that will subject you to a tangled web of riddles and puzzles. You will be running for clues to solve murder mysteries and mysterious cases. This game will satisfy your detective personality with a never-ending supply of resources. The mod version will give you a thrilling experience of this game.

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Features of Criminal Case

Criminal Case is a unique game that embarks you on an action-packed journey of solving cryptic puzzles, finding clues, suspecting criminals, and arresting killers. This game will offer you a variety of mystery cases to chase the elusive truths hiding in them. Criminal Case provides all detectives with a realm of mysteries and conspiracies.

This amazing mystery game also allows you to enjoy it online with friends. You will be able to get the help of your friends in solving confounding puzzles. It has a wide range of cases that you can choose to solve. This game will absorb you in itself as you find clues, decode secrets, and dodge through the deceptions.

Graphics and sound quality

This game’s high-quality graphics and great sounds will intensify your game experience. It will give you a thrilling sensation to play and will attract you to engage more in this game. Criminal Case features top-notch sound quality and numerous options to customize the sound. You can change sound settings according to your desired taste.

The eye-catching and high-quality graphics keep you consumed in this game. Every element in the game is designed with elaborate details. The clear and smooth graphics will help you to easily identify the hints and navigate through the clues.


Criminal Case has a very unique and effortless gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. The storyline of Criminal Case follows an intricate pattern that will challenge your detective mind like never before. The game is set in a city full of crimes and corruption. In this game, you are a detective who will be allocated a series of tricky cases. You will have to find all the shreds of evidence related to that case. The more evidence you uncover, the greater number of stars you will get.

criminal case mod apk unlimited stars

You will have to suspect everything with an eye of perceptiveness. Every piece of clue, hint, and witness will bring you one step closer to the main criminal. As you delve deeper into the interconnected matrix of riddles, you will get different hints in the game. With Criminal Case Mega Mod Apk, you will benefit from instant analysis. This feature will immensely assist you in revealing the concealed motives of underworld mafias.

Solve Missions

Criminal Case is packed with unlimited complex missions for you to solve. Every mission has an interesting story and endless crime scenes that will keep you captivated in the game. Most of the missions in the game are murder-related mysteries. Every mission will expose you to an array of challenges. You will have to closely track down the leads, analyze all the evidence, and interrogate the suspects. Polish your passion for becoming a renowned detective by solving all the adventure-filled missions.

Find Clues

A skilled detective possesses an exceptional ability to always discover vital clues even at the most chaotic of murder scenes. All of the cases are filled with an intricate maze of puzzles and clues. Only the correct interpretation of the clues will lead you in the right direction. In each case, you will have various crime scenes with distinctive clues. The clues will assist you in progressing further in the game.

Suspects and Witnesses

Witnesses are as important as clues in all cases. After investigating the crime scene, you will look for witnesses for more coherence. While looking for witnesses, you will also stumble upon various suspects in disguise. Now this is where your detective skills will be tested. You will have to keenly analyze all the possible suspects and witnesses. The mod version of this game will provide you unlimited stars and money, so you never get out of the resources.

criminal case mod apk unlimited hints

Features of Criminal Case Mod APK

The mod version of this will make your gameplay smooth and captivating. It will provide you with amazing features to enhance your gaming experience. This version will give you an ad-free experience accompanied by all the premium features. Using these features, you will be able to rise as an ultimate detective. So, download Criminal Case Mod Apk right now to enjoy all the perks.

Unlimited Stars

Stars in this game are equal to lives. The longer you take to solve the case, the higher the number of stars will be drained out. But the mod version will provide you with unlimited stars and energy that will help you hold out long enough. With these endless resources, you can easily unravel all the cases. Using the unlimited stars, you can also try over and over again until the case is solved. You can also have unlimited stars in Homescapes mod apk.

Unlimited Hints

Hints play a crucial role in solving any mystery or case. They are necessary to unravel the cases. The best feature of the Criminal Case Mod Menu Apk is that it provides you unlimited hints to solve the cases. With this feature, you will never have to run out of your hints. These hints will assist you in tracking down the criminal forces behind all the crimes.

criminal case mod apk all levels unlocked

All Levels Unlocked

Criminal case mod apk will remove the restriction of passing levels one by one. This version of the game has all levels unlocked already. With this feature, you can easily access any case and level of your choice. You can start with the hard levels immediately without having to pass the basic ones. In the latest version of the mod, you will encounter no restrictions or limitations.

Unlimited Energy

The mod version of this amazing game will also give you the benefit of unlimited energy. You will not have to wait long hours for your character’s energy to revive. The energy is essential for your character to progress in the game. With the mod version, you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Unlimited Everything

This mod version is packed with unlimited everything. You will have access to all the premium features in the game. With the mod version, all the resources will be endless. You can do free shopping and get your hands on anything from the shop for your detective. All these amazing features of the mod will ensure a premium experience of this game.

criminal case mod apk unlimited energy

So, download Criminal Case Mod Apk right now to have all the unlocked features without spending any penny. You will not have to bother about any in-app purchases as our mod will give you unlimited all. You can also download it for android from Apkaspect. Compared to the mod version of other sites like Revdl, the mod version of Apkaspect will offer you a wider variety of premium features.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


There are many customization options in the game so you can customize everything according to your preference.

Stars symbolize the number of lives of the detective.

You can download the mod version of Criminal Case and utilize the amazing features of the mod to become the master of this game.

Unfortunately, this game requires the internet to have a better and real-time experience.


In the end, this game will not only be your partner in boring times but will also enhance your focus. You will get to practice focusing on minute details in different scenarios. This game is your ultimate chance to emerge as a great detective. All the adventure-filled mysteries of this game will satisfy your internal detective. The features of Criminal Case Mod Apk will allow you to enjoy this game to the maximum.

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