Barely any of us would not have played carrom board in our childhood. This game used to be one of the best activities for the family members and friends to play and to have a chit-chat session while playing carrom. As the world is becoming digital every passing day, this game has gone digital too. If you still want to play this game with your friends online, download the Carrom Pool Mod Apk free. 

Carrom Pool can be played both online and offline; it also gives you the same experience as it used to give over a carrom board. This game has some nostalgic value, and you will surely enjoy playing it and all the in-game features. 

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Features of Carrom Pool

This game was developed by Miniclip and is famous worldwide, and is played on a larger scale in South Asian countries, including Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. This game can be played both online and offline. Carrom Pool offers a real-life gameplay experience just like 8 ball pool mod apk. You can play solely in offline mode; all you need to do is strike the discs into the holes. Whereas in online mode, you can play with your friends around the globe. The different game modes make the game more exciting and a bit different from the usual carrom. The different modes are listed below:

  • Disc Pool Mode: Disc pool mode differs from the other game modes, as it has no queen, though only the black and white discs. One player is allotted black and the other with white; each has to port their colour discs. 
  • Carrom Mode: The carrom mode is more or less the same as that of disc pool mode, but it has a queen. Whereas colour discs are allotted to each player and likewise in 4 player games as well.
  • Freestyle Mode: As it is very evident from the name that this mode of carrom pool is freestyle, no colour discs are allotted to any of the players. The black disc consists of 10 points, whereas the white disc consists of 20 points, and the queen is 50 points. Whoever gains 120 points wins the freestyle mode of the game. 
unlimited coins and gems

Following are the different venues where the game is played. Each has a different entry fee and unique board:

  • Paris Stage (entry fee: 200)
  • Lahore Lounge (entry fee 500)
  • London Park (entry fee 2600)
  • Istanbul Bazaar (entry fee 5500)
  • Dubai Skybar (entry fee 11000)
  • Karachi Arena (55000)
  • Cairo Gallery (entry fee 140k)
  • New York (entry fee 280k)
  • Singapore Plaza (entry fee 580k)


The gameplay is simple yet intriguing, as the game begins with a lucky shot, which you get after every 24 hours to earn free coins by striking the disc into the highlight portion. At the top right corner of the screen, you can see the number of gems and coins you have. After these, you can see the timer to your lucky shot, the free rewards button and leaderboards. Then the game modes are displayed, and last but not least, you can see your mystery boxes. The seamless and perfect gameplay of Carrom Pool has easy-to-master controls like we have in baseball 9

The game begins with a compact-sized carrom board on which discs are placed in the centre of the board. You can move the striker right and left by sliding the bar below to target the disc you want to port. To strike the disc, you have to swipe your finger backwards on the sticker to hit the disc, the more you swipe back, the more speedy the shot will be.

unlimited gems

Remember there is a timer placed on each turn, and you have to strike the disc within the time. The only thing you need to take care of while playing carom pool mod apk is that try not to port the striker in the hole while playing the shot, as it is considered a foul, and you will lose points and one of your ported discs will be placed back on the board. Carrom is an amazing game but just like wrestling, it does not get as much recognition.

Features of Carom Pool Mod APK

With the mod version, your experience of this gameplay will become the most premium. You will have access to the best features in this mod version, which will enhance the fun and enjoyment of the gaming. So, without any further ado let’s take a look at the features of the mod.

Unlimited Coins

This mod version of carrom pool allows you to have unlimited coins. With these endless coins, you will be able to enjoy this game to its fullest as you can make any purchases free of hustle. You will be able to take part in as many matches as you want with this never ending money. Win every game to rise to the top and become the best among all of your friends.

Unlimited Gems

The mod version will also give you the benefit of unlimited gems. These gems will not only help you to enhance your experience of the gameplay, but will also enable you to access the game’s premium features. Amaze your friends by showing your game skills and stats.improve your skills and win all the matches by huge margins.

carrom pool mod apk

All Strikers Unlocked

As we know that having a good striker enables you to win the game easily, this mod version provides you with all strikers unlocked to stand out from the opponent and win a remarkable game. This will result in you being on the top of the leaderboard. It is by far the best feature of this mod version.

Accurate Aims

The mod will give you Full aim and a long line that will allow you to easily target the disc and port it in the right hole. This feature minimizes the risk of missed shots to a great number. Also, auto aim spec of the game upskill your game and promotes you to easy win against other opponents. You can download it free for your android and iOS devices and on your Jio phone.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


Every striker enables you with additional features like increased shot time, force and higher aims.

At the very bottom of your screen, the shop icon is placed, from there you can purchase strikers.

Yes, the back shot is allowed in the game, in order to port the disc.

It can be played by two players as well as four players, sitting opposite to each other and the turn comes clockwise.


While wrapping it up, we can clearly say that it is one of the most played and loved games worldwide, especially in South Asian countries. To socialize with your friends and to show them your game skills, download the carrom pool mod apk and let us know about your experience of the game, having everything unlimited. Do follow the installation guide and if you face any issues while downloading the game, let us know in the comment section.

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