If you have short-term and long-term memory loss problems and feel like your brain is not functioning as well as it should, then you must try some puzzle games in your spare time. Today we have come up with an interesting and a bit humorous puzzle game having a large number of levels, each coming one more interesting and more challenging than the previous one.

Yes, we are talking about Brain Out Mod Apk. From the name of the game, it is quite evident that this game is not that easy, and often some levels are very tricky, and you find yourself always in deep thought about how to pass on with that certain level. So let’s dive deep into it and find some amazing features and gameplay of this puzzle game.

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Features of Brain Out

The best thing about this puzzle game is its size. It is only a few MBs and is not a burden to be downloaded on your mobile phone. In addition, its animated graphics are very simple yet eye-catching and make the game interesting. A simple white background and elements related to the question or puzzle are placed, so there is nothing complex in the graphical representation of the game. However, the game itself starts getting trickier with each passing level just like in Robbery Bob.

Similarly, the graphical representation is simple, and the sound and music effects are kept simple. Gentle soft music is played throughout the game when trying to solve the maze or the puzzle. This gentle music helps you focus more on the game and does not divert your concentration, as it is not loud or irritating. The second sound effect can be heard. As you pass on a level, a few hands pop up and clap for you, and that clapping sound can be heard, which feels a sense of achievement to the game player, as each level requires a lot of dedication and focus.

Inside App

Some really simple pictures are shown on the mobile screen, which seems to be simple but are tricky as well to solve. Each level has its requirements, as every new coming level is a bit different from the previous one. You must count the elements on some levels, like counting the number of pizza slices. In contrast, you must drag the element to explore the puzzle deeply and have the right answer on some levels.

In a level played by us, we must drag the clouds apart so that the sun is visible and the sunlight can help the flower grow and bloom. So quite evident that each level has its requirements, and you have to think out of the box to reach the right answer. 

brain out mod apk unlimited keys

Though if you are stuck on some level and you feel like your brain is running out, and you are unable to solve that puzzle no need to worry as by downloading the Brain Out Mod Apk, you can have unlimited tips with which you can clear the level easily.

Hints and Tips

Yes, you read it right; if you get stuck to some level, you can use the keys to have some hints and pass on that level with a little help. Also, after passing on 20 levels, new interesting modes are unlocked. Do not forget to collect the daily rewards to have more and more hints, so whenever you get stuck on some level, you can pass out easily. On the seventh day of the daily reward, there is a surprise reward for you to collect.

brain out mod apk unlimited tips


Following are the challenges, which can be unlocked after finishing a certain number of levels for each:

  • Help ‘Mom’
  • Prank Plan
  • Save Santa
  • Help Santa
  • Brainstorming
  • Escape Room
  • Beat Them All

This game is one of its types, though you can try a similar one named Buddy Toss.

brain out mod apk no ads

Features of Brain Out Mod APK

The brain out – can you pass it mod apk is a must to experience the game as this version of the game will help you keep on moving to the new levels and new modes of the game. Let us tell you how.

Unlimited Money

Gladly, as you will have unlimited keys and as a result, you will have unlimited hints, so there are no chances to make yourself suffer by sticking to a single level. Also, you will have unlimited money in the game to make purchases of weekly cards and great value.

Unlimited Tips

By downloading this game, you can use these unlimited tips without waiting for the daily rewards and keep passing on each level and jump over to the next game modes. This version also has no ads to enjoy a streamlined gaming experience without any hindrance; once the focus is developed to solve the puzzles, the ads might break it, so there is no such barrier in this version. You can download game brain out mod apk free for your android and iOS devices, and on your Jio phone, you can also play it on PC.

brain out mod apk

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


Yes, the daily rewards are beneficial and must be collected as you earn keys through them, which helps you to have hints to pass the tricky levels.

You can move on to the next game mode by passing on 20 levels.

Yes, this game is free to download and a good test of your critical thinking abilities.

 You need to pass 20 levels in order to unlock the Prank Plan. 

Wrapping it all up

This game is a complete package for people who love to keep their minds engaged in some creative activity, as interesting puzzles are there with very simple animated graphics and really easy gameplay. Some of them have really simple answers, but we take a lot of time to find out, but once we find it out, we keep on laughing.

Though getting stuck on some level can be so irritating sometimes, we have provided you with the mod version, which is free to download and has hints and tips for each level you are stuck on. So download this mind-puzzling game and let us know about your experience in the comment section below. 

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