Are you one of those people who prefer playing unique games having a unique concept and a completely intriguing idea? And do you admire games equipped with socializing with friends or random people? Then Among Us Mod Apk is the best pick for you. As this game has a unique concept, despite having low-quality graphics, this game is played by several people around the globe. It is a hot topic to be discussed by everyone as this game enhances your personality trait of working in a team and thinking out of the box intelligently.

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Features of Among Us

Though the graphics of the game are not up to the mark, the game is so exciting and runs a wave of curiosity in the player’s mind that he willingly plays the game back to back. Suspicious music is played throughout the game, making you more careful to increase your winning chances. Due to the appealing game features and distinctive concept, it has crossed over 500 million downloads and has a large number of daily active game players.

This game will let you come across a number of trickers, and playing amongst them, again and again, will make you clever and help you to tackle the situation to save yourself from losing in the game. It will be an immense fun experience playing with your friends to find the impostor, the one between you all, but no one has a clue. The game has a voting mechanism in the form of a live chat with all the teammates.


The gameplay of the game is quite simple, yet the concept of the game is a bit tricky, and you need to be clever to win in the game. In the beginning, you have to give your player a name and have two options: play with your friends or with random people around the globe.

among us mod apk always imposter


The second step is to choose the number of impostors in the game. Who are impostors? Impostors are the players who will be the killers in the game and need to be identified by the other players. You have the choice to choose the number of impostors in the game. The number  of the players to impostors ratio is as follows:

  • 1 impostor: minimum 4 players and maximum 10 players
  • 2 impostors: minimum 7 players and maximum 10 players
  • 3 impostors: minimum 9 players and maximum 10 players
among us mod apk no ban

The game begins in a space rocket, and sometimes you are portrayed as an impostor. Still, no other person knows other than you, and your task is to kill other players secretly, considering no other player is nearby. When any of the players find out about a murder on the space rocket, an instant meeting will be called, and there will be voting in the live chat.

You, the impostor, must keep yourself on the safe side by blaming another player for the murder. If that player gets the most votes, that player will be eliminated instantly. On the other hand, if you get the most votes, you will be eliminated and lose the game. If you want to be the impostor always, then download the Among Us Mod APK.


Following are the three maps in Among Us:


In the second side of the game, you are portrayed as a simple player, and you only have to complete the tasks allotted to you, wait for the murder on the space rocket, and participate in the voting to point out the murderer. Just in case, if you are the first one killed by the impostor, then you die, and you will not be able to let the other players know who is the impostor, whereas you can spectate the game. 

among us mod apk all skins

Features of Among Us Mod Apk – Always Imposter

To be an impostor is one of the most thrilling experiences as you need to think very cleverly and this is what the game actually portrays. The latest version of Among Us provides you with unlimited features, with which you can explore this sensational game completely and find it even more addictive.

Always Being Impostor

The mega mod apk version of this game provides you with the feature of always being impostor, which makes the game tricky and adventurous for you. You need a clever approach to be safe from other crewmates and make it to the end. In this god mod apk version.

among us mod apk

All Skins Unlocked

You can also use the vent as a crewmate and pass through the vents and escape when needed. You also have all skins unlocked to customize your characters the way you love. You can download it free for your android and iOS devices, and on your Jio phone, you can also play it on a PC.

Installation Guide

Tap on the download button

When the download is finished, install the app

Allow unknown resources from your phone’s settings, and the app will start installing

When the installation completes, open the game and enjoy


Being impostor, vents are highly helpful as you can escape through them and reduce the chance of getting caught.

 Level 40 is the maximum level in the game.

 You can choose a maximum of 3 impostors in the game.

The Airship is the largest map in the game.

Wrapping it all up

To enhance your teamwork skill and to be a smart player, keep practicing in the game and learn to be aware of the imposter in the game. This game will let you be a creative mind and pump you to think out of the box to make it through the game safely. So download Among us mod apk right now and let us know about the tricks you use in the game and your overall experience in the comment section below. 

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